Galvin Green Classic results at Helsby

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Maxitours at lovely Helsby

Helsby in deepest Cheshire was the lovely venue for today’s Maxitours event. Playing off lovely parkland turf amid mature oak trees was a pleasure for all. Many thanks to all the green staff.

Cheshire golfing legend Gareth Bradley has had more than a few bacon butties in his time but he rated the Helsby baps as the best on the Maxitours circuit. The catering and service really was first class. Barman Rob was incredibly friendly and their stewardess Julie never sat still or stopped smiling all day – brilliant.

Everyone was around in less than four hours – thanks guys that’s excellent.
Big Man City fan Joe Kirwan made the ten minute journey from his golf club to his house in Bramhall last night to watch his favourite team and missed four goals. He didn’t miss many putts today though as he helped his team into a solid 82 points.

Barry Wilson chipped in for a two in front of the Clubhouse which overlooks the green. None of his team witnessed it as they were busily raking bunkers or searching in the scrub. Barry came in the clubhouse which happened to be nearly empty.
‘Did anyone see my two?!’

Graham Jackson looks like he enjoys a pie and he arrived an hour earlier than normal for his tee time today. I asked him why he was so early.
‘I called in at the famous local bakery on the way I wanted to make sure they didn’t sell out.’ After his round he told me that he had actually bought me a pie but got peckish on the back nine and ate it himself. Thanks Graham.

Congratulations to Stephen White who had a hole in one on the 11th to win nearest the pin. I don’t like talking about myself as most of you know but I also had an ace on Monday in a tournament. Maxitours players Roger Percival and Roy Ainsworth kept congratulating me which I thought was very nice of them until I realised, they were only after a free drink in the bar. No chance.

Hazel Groves Ian Walters is a good man. He kindly supported his home Club who were buying some course furniture last year. There is a lovely large bin on the 15th tee at Hazel Grove which announces ‘sponsored by Ian Walters -because I am rubbish.’ He was less trash than usual today and finished 6th with 83 points.

Preston based nice guy John Dickenson(20) and his team took 5th place with 83 points, Roger Percival’s(6) Lymm team took 4th place with 84 points and Gary Neiles(6) Sandiway men took 3rd with 85 points.

Wilmslow’s Jim Caldwell(11) teamed up with John Hume(14), Andrewe Aherne(18) and Manchester City in house football commentator Liam Pilkington(12). Pilkington looked in despair this morning after last nights events but his mood improved with a spirited performance on the course.

Shrigley Hall’s Darren Whittaker(15) has played Maxitours for twelve years but has been without a win for the last five. His dreams came true with a terrific team performance today, team Captain Brian Hopkins(4) shot level par and Neil Worthington(18) and Charles Herbert(14) also chipped in well. Great golf chaps well played!
Thanks to everyone for your support today, Tim

Nearest the pin 11th Stevephen Whire (hole in one) Dozen Ad333
Nearest the pin 18th Dave Stewardson Dozen AD333

2’s sweep £195 6 pro v1s or 14 srixon Ad333s per two
Andy Wright Geoff Dykens Barry Wilson Pete Bpoth Stephen White hole in 1 (2 x2s) James Shipstone Peter Maher Janet Heywood Paul Higgs Dave Lowe

Helsby 18-Apr-2019
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Brian Hopkins, Neil Worthington, Darren Whittaker, Charles Herbert 87 12 Galvin Green windstopper each
2 Jim Caldwell, Jon Hume, Adrew Aherne, Liam Pilkington 86 10 Galvin Green Shirt each
3 Gary Neiles, John Longworth, Alan Forber, Joe Yates 85 8 Galvin Green Shirt each
4 Roger Percival, Pete Atherton, Irvine Ginger, Andy Wright 84 6 Galvin Green Umbrella each
5 John Dickenson, Paul Lord, Keith Workman, Arthur Gray 83 4 Galvin Green cap each
6 Ian Walters, Chris Heyes, Dave Stewardson, Mike Wilkinson 83 2 Galvin Green cap each
7= Dave Blease, Dave Lowe, Carl Marginson, Pete Short 82
7= Simon Hemsley, Gareth Bradley, Joe Kirwan, Ian King 82
7= Ron Sloane, Mark Saxon, Paul Higgs, Tim Spencer 82
7= Dave Greenwood, Sarah Ormrod, Mick Gorrill, Geoff Dykens 82
7= Dave Sully, Ian Appleton, Steve Heywood, Janet Heywood 82
12= Barry Wilson, Simon Wilkinson, John Fitzsimmons, Steve Lamont 81
12= Jim Clarke, Graham Jackson, Pete Ledger, Pete Booth 81
12= Colin Roberts, Geoff Andrews, Dave Marchant, Dave Mason 81
15= Brian Greenbank, Dave Wainwright, Mike Wainwright, Guy Levers 80
15= David Kelly, Dave Harlow, John Atkin, Stuart Blake 80
15= Paul Robinson, Stuart Birrell, Phil McCurry, Brian Yardley 80
18= Alison Shipstone, James Shipstone, James Brown, Denis O’Neill 78
18= Peter Maher, Charles Beadle, David Kelly , Martin Higgins 78
18= James Hampton, Martt Sayers, Adam Thomas, Stephen White 78
18= Rob Emery, Steve Nixon, Ian Hasselhoff, Neil Cartwright 78
22= Roy Ainsworth, John Morgan, Pete Fotherington, Mike Verdon 77
22= Mark Downward, Gary Ellis, Matt Sproston, James Brereton 77
24 David Okell, Nigel Ashton, Marcus Rigby, Dave Cooper 76
25= Phil Howsley, Paul Robinson, Dave Waldron- Kelly, Dave Slater 75
25= Mick Mahon, Dave Westwood, Munro Donald, John Farnsworth 75
25= Steve Aspinall, Colin Berry, Alan Hoy, Graham Wilkinson 75
28 Dave Sayer, Mark Taylor, Paul Thompson, Rob Sutton 74
29 Richard Brown, Chih Hu, Shubash Gupta, Michael Roundhill 70
30 Paul Gilbert, Matt Nelstrop, Craig Rea, Mike Hancox 67