Maxitours at fantastic Fairhaven

Maxitours ‘Wilson Classic’ at fantastic Fairhaven

Maxitours players enjoyed a real treat today as we visited the stunning Lancashire links course of Fairhaven. This event was previously cancelled twice due to poor weather this Winter but all players agreed that it was well worth the wait. Thanks to top Manager Lindzi Stones for being so accommodating.

The course and greens were superb considering the very dry conditions and Fairhaven looks like it will be in terrific condition to host the qualifying for the Senior British Open this summer,
The report is slightly shorter than usual as I am trying to get home to watch United lose the Manchester derby.

Koos Alders and his team looked confident and full of energy when they arrived until I asked their new signing if he was going in the twos sweep.
‘No thanks, I am playing like a dog.’ Mood hoover Rick Shaw replied depressingly. The team finished last.

Thunder storms were forecast but fortunately they stayed away for us however the weather was extremely warm and very muggy. Paul Stones looked absolutely exhausted as he entered the bar after his game. He had played wearing two pairs of socks and full thermal underwear.
‘By eck I’m hot!’ Groaned the Lancastrian. ‘I thought it is supposed to be cool and windy by the coast?’
Whilst his team were putting sun cream on their arms keep the hot sun at bay Paul was pouring it down his thermal pants to prevent his rump becoming too chapped.

Steve Aspinall finished 2nd and 3rd today . It was the Birchwood Steve(9) and his team who finished runners up. The eight points they picked up on the 15th hole with birdies by Aspinall and Colin Berry(12) made all the difference. Graham Wilkinson(9) and Alan Hoy(11) completed the team.

Lovely man Mike Tarrant (11) and his team with the less talented Steve Aspinall rued picking up just two points on the 17th hole as they finished in 3rd spot.

City fan Nigel Ashton(12) is currently enjoying a beer in the Fairhaven bar with his unused match ticket for tonight tucked in his back pocket as he is too nervous to go to the game. His team thought he had stayed at home on the golf course today after a pointless start but he played great golf later in his round. Mike Lowe(9) Paul Fell(4) and Colin Bryan(10) were delighted and surprised to win with just 85 points – Congratulations!

Tomorrow sees the final event of the Stuburt Winter Order of Merit with Joe Yates and Gary Neiles leading the way. The top 10 in the Order of Merit will receive Stuburt product.

Huge Thanks to Lancashire golfing legend John Gallagher who has kindly sponsored the last two events (Galvin Green Classic at Helsby and today). The new Wilson ball, bag and club range is well worth a look. Wilson have just signed US tour star Gary Woodland as the brand continues to flourish.

Thanks for your terrific support today, everyone was around in less than four hours also which is wonderful.
Yours in Golf,

Nearest the Pin 10th Barney Ross Doz Wilson soft feel balls
Nearest the pin 17th Ken Hardy Doz Wilson soft feel balls
2,s sweep £167.50 4 pro v1s or 10 Wilson soft feel balls

Colin Berry Mark Hudson Barney Ross Hugh Anthony Martin Bramwell Duncan Challen Ken Hardy Koos Alders Paul Fell x2 Rick Sym Graham Pike Ian Mosss

**Prizes will be allocated after the event at Caldy tomorrow as teams can only win 1 prize and a few teams are in the two day event (top 5 will definitely pick up!)

Fairhaven 24-Apr-2019
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Paul Fell, Nigel Ashton, Colin Bryan, Mike Lowe 85 12
2 Steve Aspinall, Colin Berry, Graham Wilkinson, Alan Hoy 85 10
3 Mike Tarrant, Steve Aspinall, Steve Halliwell, Paul Stones 84 8
4 Mark Boler, Mike Budd, Mark Hudson, Dave Lloyd 84 6
5 Mark Worsley, Ian Moss, Pete Moss, Amanda Moss 83 4
6 Paul Wrigley, Gav Sutcliffe, Ken Hardy, Steve Barker 82 2
7= Phil Vokes, Barney Ross, Chris Cyprus, Paul Dalby 82
7= Gareth Winstone, Darren Burgess, Gareth Kershaw, John Liecester 82
7= John Gallagher, Gary Corbett, Nigel Stretton, Hugh Anthony 82
10= Ian Waddington, Eric Hughes, Andy Norman, Tom Carroll 81
10= Kev Hart, Jim Booth, John Anderton, Paul Yearsley 81
10= Kevin Hart, Jimmy Booth, John Anderton, Paul Yearsley 81
10= Graham Pike, Rick Sym, Nigel Eckersley, Keith Richardson 81
10= Pete Doran, Jim Dolan, Pete Daniels, Nigel McLeod 81
15 Carl Kennedy, David Page, Simon Long, Clive Appleby 80
16= Rob Platt, Steve Morfitt, Gary Youall, Carl Mollart 79
16= Steve Heywood, Donna Sully, Dave Sully, Janet Heywood 79
18 Martin Bramwell, Gweneth Bramwell, Craig Rea, Michele Rea 78
19= Ian Gemmell, Eric Roylance, Joe Kirwan, Bob Coley 77
19= Graham Davie, Dave Tracy, Pete Beddows, Paul Milby 77
21 Simon Ashton, Iain Cole, Duncan Cocker, Stuart Morgans 76
22= Mick Mahon, Munro Donald, Dave Westwood, John Farnsworth 75
22= Duncan Challen, Steve Hogg, Steve Harrison, Martin Clarke 75
22= Neale Laurent, Alf Shillitoe, Paul Butler, Mark Turner 75
22= Sarah Ormrod, Geoff Dykins, Dave Greenwood, Mick Gorrill 75
26 Richard Brown, Chih Hu, Phil Houghton, Roger Cullen 74
27 Koos Alders, Mark Morris, Rick Shaw, Paddy Moran 70