Results from brilliant Bramall Park

*Room for 1.2 players with nice man John Dickenson or room for teams of 4 players at lovely Worsley on Thursday THIS WEEK

Maxitours at Brilliant Bramall Park

Bramall Park was the stunning venue for the latest Maxitours event.
Over the last four years we have visited this gem and every year the Golf Course and Clubhouse just keep getting better and better. This forward-thinking club has invested wisely and the members are really reaping the rewards.
‘It was like Augusta out there!’. Reported over-enthusiastic Dave Mason. ‘ I got my camera out and started taking pictures at one point.’
‘I just can’t fault it.’ Praised Richard Palmer
‘Top drawer!’ Tony Jennison.
Steve the new bar Manager is right on the money and the quality of food and service was excellent throughout the day. He kindly opened the half-way house to give us some special treatment. Bramall Park is really looking after it’s clients. Keep up the excellent work. As always a big thanks to their superb pro Craig Daggitt for his help.

Dave Westwood always has a medical excuse or some other very good reason for playing badly each week and he had a new one today. When he checked in I asked him if he had any ailments or problems to contend with this week?
He looked out of the window at the stunningly lush Bramall park course ‘I am allergic to the colour green.’

Keith Rigby is always honest about his golf and I asked him how he had played when he gave me the scorecard after his round.
‘Like a drone’ said the depressed Lancastrian.
I’m not sure what sort of drone he meant but looking at his card all three definitions in the Oxford dictionary described his performance:
‘Stingless animal, which performs no work and produces absolutely nothing ‘
‘A talentless idle person who lives off others.’
‘A Machine with no pilot on board. ‘

Four hour rounds were the order of the day once again for my players- brilliant. I think the new rules have helped speed of play a little but many thanks to everyone for their speedy golf which ensures a great day for all.

Even though the sun was shining there was a big black cloud following Mike Benson who shanked his way around the Bramall Park course today. A little rainbow appeared on the 15th hole when he finally found the centre of his clubface and popped his 5 iron to three inches to astound his team mates and win nearest the pin.

When Jonny Barton checked in, he looked through the huge patio windows at the stunning golf course. ‘I’ve not played here before so which hole is that one with the flag we can see? ‘
‘That is the 9th green.’
‘The way I’m playing at the moment you might see me waving that white flag after nine holes!’ Sure enough the team could only manage 36 points as they reached the turn in last place. Jonny was happily flapping the flag.

Well liked Lewis Marland hit the shot of the day to nearly eagle the same ninth hole and that really helped his team to take 6th place.

Rob Kenyons team had a great score but they hit the wall on the 17th hole when they could only pick up three points. He followed it up an hour later by hitting the patio doors in the Clubhouse as he walked straight into them carrying his third pint of Lager as he tried to drown his sorrows.
The team of Rob Kenyon(15) Dave Fidler(9) and Gav Spencer(16) had to settle for 3rd place.

The Prestbury Captain Steve Hall(17) and his team took 2nd place with 84 points. Chris Adams(12) Mike Clewley(16) and Paul Allen(9) know a well presented course when they see one and they really rated Bramall Park today.
Bramall member Ian Fensom(16), Swinton Park legend Pete O’Neill (2), Kev Hart(10) and Paul Yearsley (10) took 1st place today. Pete O’Neill last won eight years ago and he didn’t fancy his chances much with today’s team either. A great team performance saw them secure the win. Even Kev Hart came in with a net birdie at the last. Well played chaps great performance!

Thanks for your support and integrity
2’s £155 4 pro v1s or 10 srixon AD333 Pete O,Neill Chris Adams Phil Dickens Adam Princep Bob Sutton(yes this is not a miss print) Bob Chesters Andy Taylor Barney Ross Dean Jagger Olivier Troalen

Nearest the Pin 4th hole Gary Neiles Dozen AD333
Nearest the pin 15th hole Mike Benson Dozen AD333

Bramall Park 21-May-2019
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Kev Hart, Phil Yearsley, Pete O.Neill, Ian Fenson 85 12 Cutter & Buck waterproof top each
2 Steve Hall, Chris Adams, Mike Clewley, Paul Allen 84 10 Dozen Taylor Made TP balls
3 Rob Kenyon, Les Russon, David Fidler, Gav Spencer 83 8 Maxitours shirt each
4 Richard Blackwell, Tony Jennison, John Hilton, Steve Austin 83 6 Maxitours shirt each
5 Paul Bayley, Barney Ross , John Henshall, John Kirk 83 4 Maxitours cap each
6 Lewis Marland, Nick Ford, Phil Dickens, Kev Seaton 81 2 Maxitours cap each
7 Jim Clarke, Graham Jackson, Pete Ledger, Jim Kenyon 81
8 Keith Workman, Stuart Hardy, Keith Graves, Stan Marrs 80
9= John Dickenson, Craig Dickenson, Jim McDougall, an other 79
9= Roy Ainsworth, Malc Thornily, Mike Verdon, Adam Princep 79
9= Paul Fell, Ben Kinsey, Nigel Ashton, Mike Lowe 79
9= Gary Neiles, John Longworth, Alan Forber, Joe Yates 79
13 Ian King, Darren Whittaker, Joe Kirwan, Peter Maher 77
14 Simon Taylor, Colin Armstrong, Mike Savage, Keth Rigby 76
15= David Kelly, Bob Sutton, John Atkin, Dave Harlow 75
15= Paul Rudkin, Craig Gorton, Austin Thorpe, Chris Wrighton 75
15= Steve Lamont, Mike Benson, Pete Gold, Bob Day 75
18 Dean Jagger, Pete Norbury, Rob Norbury, Andy Wilde 74
19= Tony Grinnell, John Berry, David Dean, Chris O’Regan 73
19= Mick Mahon, Dave Westwood, Richard Palmer, John Farnsworth 73
21= Sam Leach, Bob Chesters, Jim Hodges, Johnny Barton 72
21= Andrew Hill, Stuart Drummond, Harry Davies, Ivor Ward 72
21= Olivier Troalen, Louis Troalen, Ben Aardevark, Andy Jones 72
24 Colin Roberts, Dave Mason, Dave Marchant, Alan Turner 69
25 Dave Stanhope, Les Penson, Steve Fletcher, Jim Wardle 68
26 Andy Taylor, Mike Eardley, Shay Daly, Brian Barker 67

Worsley start times – THIS THURSDAY 23rd May

10.00 Si Hemsley x4
10.09 Colin Roberts x4
10.18 Jim Clarke x4
10.27 Bob Eastwood x4
10.36 Paul Gilbert x4
10.45 Paul Evans x4
10.54 Mick Mahon x4
11.03 Bev Crute x4
11.12 Dave Stanhope x4
11.20 Paul Fell x4
11.30 Roy Ainsworth x4
11.39 Ian Walters x4
11.48 Brian Greenbank x4
11.57 Ian Hellens x4
12.06 Roger Percival x4
12.15 Simon Poucher x4
12.24 Peter Maher x4
12.42 Adrian Waring x4
12.51 John Farrell x4
1.00 John Dickenson x2 2 PLAYERS REQUIRED
1.18 Dave Bentley x4
1.27 Brian Hopkins x4
1.36 Les Russon x4
1.45 Dave Blease x4
1.54 Martin Byatt x4
2.03 Darren Booth x4
2.39 Barry Jackson x4.