Results from Wonderful Worsley

Room at these terrific Maxitours events this June!!
Space at Romiley Tuesday 4th June
Welsh Classic – spaces for teams at Conwy 10th June and/or North Wales 11th June
Fixby Thursday 20th June- 1 team space
Hazel Grove Thursday 27th June-2 team spaces

Maxitours at wonderful Worsley

Worsley is a beautiful golfing oasis less than 4 miles from the centre of town and with one of the best layouts in Greater Manchester -it is always a very popular venue on the Maxitours rota.

The fairways and surrounding trees looked stunning in the glorious May sunshine. Thanks to all the green staff for presenting the course so well.

The food is always excellent at Worsley, the chef has a contract with Anchor as there is never a shortage of butter on his baps. I enjoyed my mid morning steak and stilton baguette so much I ordered another one for my evening meal. Bring it on.

Trevor Nicholson is a great bloke and last Sunday in the Knutsford Golf Club bar he told me in the strictest confidence that he used to be the lead singer in a popular Sheffield band ‘Jonny Lane and the Wanderers.’ I looked towards the 16th fairway late in the day and Trevor (aka Jonny) looked like he was back with his band and they were doing plenty of wandering around the Worsley rough searching for his ball.

Mike Lamb was delighted to collect his ‘money can’t buy’ ostrich skin Maxitours scorecard holder this morning. ‘It is made from real imitation Ostrich skin.’ I explained.
‘That suits me I can put my head in the sand if I am playing badly.’

Norman Humphries is a three handicap class golfer and he has a swing as smooth as chocolate. I told Dave Bentleys group to put down their bacon sandwiches and watch and learn as Norman hit a silky drive 250 yards down the first hole.
‘I’ve been told my practice swing is like that, but it changes when the ball is there!’ Admitted Nigel Uttley. Sure enough I was impressed with his relaxed practice swing as he went through his pre shot routine. Unfortunately when he did tee off his swing also reminded me of chocolate. A Crunchy.

Ryan Giggs lives in his mansion alongside the Worsley 6th hole and it is well set back amid some huge oak and beech trees so he rarely sees any golfers. That is until Mark Hunter hit his vicious hook. He had a quick chat with the United legend who was pruning his roses before sensibly chipping his ball back on the fairway.

Nigel Hallows and his Turton team took 3rd place with 84 points after picking up just two points on the final hole! They still had a great day.

As you know I am extremely proud of my players behaviour and conduct on the golf course each week. Once again lovely Shannon and Laura behind the Worsley golf Club bar repeatedly told me what a lovely group we were. Unfortunately there have been reports coming back this week from a 5 star hotel in Turkey about a certain player by the name of ‘Graham Jackson.’ He was seen leading the way in a conga style dance around The Cornelia Diamond hotel. The ‘dance’ ended up in a broom cupboard. To make matters worse he was wearing a Maxitours shirt at the time!
Graham finished in second place today after a solid performance and he celebrated with a couple of San Miguels. His team of JIm Kenyon(14), Neil Topping(8) and Darryl Parker(14) had to restrain him after they sensed another Conga coming on.

Wrexham’s Dave Cooper(16) Nigel Ashton(123) Ben Kinsey(5) and Mike Lowe(9) took first place with a superb 87 points on the tough Worsley course. Big hitting Ben Kinsey was the main man with five birdies as he found his putting touch on the Worsley greens. Even Nigel Ashton contributed with a valuable birdie on the risk reward 17th hole.

Well played chaps great golf. Thanks to all players for your 100% attendance. Incredible.

Nearest the Pin 16th in 2 shots Chris Smith Dozen AD333
Nearest the Pin 18th Richard Taylor Carr Dozen Ad333
Hole in one Chris Percy- 8th hole Dozen AD333s
2’s sweep £140 4 pro V1 or 9 srixons
Graham Jackson Adam Princep x2 Dave Rogerson Graham Pike (17th hole eagle) Martin France Brian Greenbank Chris Brown Paul Hammond

Worsley 23-May-2019
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Dave Cooper, Nigel Ashton, Ben Kinsey, Mike Lowe 87 12 Cutter and Buck waterproof top
2 Graham Jackson, Jim Kenyon, Neil Topping, Darryl Parker 85 10 Dozen Titleist pro V1 each
3 Nigel Hallows, Ben Crompton, John Hilton, David Coffey 84 8 Dozen Taylor Made TP 5 balls
4 Ian Walters, Chris Heyes, Mike Wilkinson, Duncan Cocker 83 6 Callaway shirt each
5 Darren Booth, Mark Timperley, Tony McNamara, Stuart Bowen 83 4 Callaway shirt each
6 Richard Palmer, John Farnsworth, Phil Hanson, Andy Faulkner 83 2 Maxitours cap each
7= Alan Burton, Norman Humphries, Chris Smith, Mick Philbin 82
7= Roy Ainsworth, Adam Princep, Mike Verdon, John Morgan 82
7= Adrian Waring, Dave Stewardson, Joe Shelley, Dave Rogerson 82
10 John Farrell, Mike McCurdy, Mark Hinds, Terry Mod 80
11= Bob Eastwood, Mike Lamb, Ashley Elliott, Mark Clewley 78
11= Dave Mason, Dave Marchant, Matt Coe, Chris Percy 78
11= Bev Crute, Dave Shelmerdine, Graham Pike, Geoff Bloom 78
11= Ed Wilkinson, Roger Percival, Martin France, Pete Atherton 78
11= Dave Blease, Hugh Mulholland, Rob Whittle, Dave Lowe 78
11= Barry Jackson, Chris Meiklehan, Dave Beavis, Bob Weir 78
17= Ian King, Darren Whittaker, Mike Spencer, Neil Worthington 77
17= Les Russon, Rob Kenyon, Steve Merricks, Gav Spencer 77
19= Simon Poucher, Vic Neilson, Mark Tully, Neil Simpson 76
19= John Dickenson, Pete Moss, Amanda Moss, John Hunt 76
21 Brian Greenbank, Dave Wainwright, Mike Wainwright, Guy Levers 75
22 Dave Stanhope, Tom Jarvis, Giles Terry, Phil Smeathers 72
23= Paul Gilbert, Chris Brown, Kevin Gerald, Matt Nelstrop 70
23= Ian Hellens, Paul Hammond, Brian Yardley, Rich Greenall 70
25 Peter Maher, Charles Beadle, Russell Humphries, Chris Judge 68
26 Dave Bentley, Nigel Uttley, Trevor Nicholson, Richard T-Carr 60

Romiley AM AM start sheet Tuesday 4th June
9.45 David Kelly x4
9.54 Simon Hemsley x4
10.03Colin Roberts x4
10.12 Jim Caldwell x4
10.21 Jim Clarke x4
10.30 Jack Coleman x4
10.39 Mick Mahon x4
10.45 Neale Laureent x4
10.54 Paul Evans x4
11.03 Brian Greenbank x4
11.12 Roger Percival x4
11.21 Ian Walters x4
11.30 Peter Maher x4
11.39 Mike George x4
11.48 Les Russon x4
11.57 Pete Dobson x4
12.06 Nigel Hallows x4
12.15 Simon Poucher x4
12.24 Ian Hellens x4
12.33 Sam Leach x4
12.42 Olivier Troalen x4
1.00 Jon Hudson x4
1.09 Neil Edwards x4
1.18 Neil Edwards x4
1.27 Dave Sully x4
1.36 Paul Fell x4
1.45 Pete Booth x4
1.54 Brian Hopkins x4
2.12Richard Blackwell x4
2.21 Joe Yates x4
2.39 Lee Tilley x4
2.48 Dave Goodwin x4