Results from lovely Lancaster

Room for 2 or 4 players at Hopwood next Thursday – the course is immaculate!

Maxitours at lovely Lancaster

Lancaster was the latest five-star setting to host a Maxitours event. The practice ground is terrific, the chipping and putting green are awesome and the course is wonderful. In addition they have a castle as a clubhouse. Add to all that a friendly membership and a Captain who made the effort to come down to wish us well and you can see why Lancaster Golf Club is now recognised as one of Lancashires finest. There is nothing to fault about this venue.

‘Absolutely brillianto course!’ announced Mario Capastano.
‘Wonderful!’ Declared Simon Poucher.

Simon Taylor is a great guy who has only recently joined Southport and Ainsdale Golf Club. I’m not sure how they let him in because I thought you had to be a competent golfer to be put on the waiting list.
After a paltry 33 points on the front nine his team were surprised to score 7 points on the tough 12th hole. Normal service was resumed on the short 13th. The easiest hole on the course was playing just 129 yards and players were ripping it up. Taylors’ fourball ended up within three feet of each other in the same little bunker to the left of the green. Only three managed to get out and only one managed to two putt as they walked off with a deflating single point. ‘We still enjoyed it’ Added Simon.

Barrie Simpson was pulling his hair out as teammate Rick Shaw played the wrong ball to earn his team a two shot penalty and then if that wasn’t bad enough another team member -friendly Dutch man Koos Alders -played the wrong ball three holes later. They narrowly missed out on the prizes.

The Davyhulme team led by John Cox(18) Peter Ellis (13) Brian Johnson(17) and Andrew Cox took 4th place with 82 points, Carden Park’s Nigel Ashtons team finished in 3rd also on the same score but with a stronger finish.
Wealthy and young Retired coppers Neale Laurent(13) and Martin Schofield (3) teamed up with Darren Burgess(8) and Gareth Winstone (11) to take 2nd place in an excellent team effort.

RAF Tornado fighter plane navigator Dave Sully showed his fearless side as he rolled in six birdies to earn his team a first victory in over three years. Sully is famous for carrying around a 1980s bum bag and nobody knows for sure what is in it. He normally plays like a bum but today he was sheer class. Even his wife Donna (15) was impressed and not to be outdone she played the last three holes one under par herself! Steve Heywood(6) and Richard Wakefield (15) watched on in awe.

Well played team- great golf!
Thanks to everyone for your support, brilliant. Tim

Nearest the pin 4th Karl Marginson oz AD333s
Nearest the Pin 18th Rob Kershaw Doz AD333S
2’s £205 4 pro v1s or 9 srixons
John Atkin Kev Seaton Mark Hughes Mike Wilson Kev Seaton Jim Hodges Barry Simpson Steve Blakeway Bill Smith Darren Whittaker John Delaney Dave Sully Pewter Griggs Martin Schofield Malcolm Gibson

Lancaster 8-July-2019
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Dave Sully, Donna Sully, Richard Wakefield, Steve Heywood 85 12 Cleveland wedge each
2 Gareth Winstone, Neale Laurent, Martin Schofield, Darren Burgess 84 10 Maxitours Footjoy shirt
3 Paul Fell, Nigel Ashton, Mark Hughes, Mike Lowe 82 8 Callaway shirt each
4 Andrew Cox, John Cox, Brian Johnson, Peter Ellis 82 6 Callaway shirt each
5 Pete Walters, Mario Capastano, Brendan Poynts, John Flaherty 81 4 Maxitours shirt each
6 Marcus Owen, Kevin Bailey, Marcus Miligan, Luke Davies 81 2 Scorecard holder
7= Jim Clarke, Graham Jackson, Pete Ledger, Chris Clarke 80
7= Joe Yates, Gary Neiles, Alan Forber, John Longworth 80
9 Darren Booth, Mark Timperley, John Hall, Mike Wilson 79
10= Lewis Marland, Nick Ford, Kev Seaton, Phil Dickens 78
10= John Dickenson, Arthur Gray, Peter Griggs, Josh Brabrook 78
12= David Kelly, Bob Sutton, Stuart Blake, John Atkin 77
12= Simon Poucher, Brendan Lieghton, Callum Cook, Neil Drummond 77
12= Sarah Ormrod, Dave Greenwood, Mick Gorrill, John Delaney 77
15= Barry Simpson, Koos Alders, Martin Cox, Roick Shaw 76
15= Jason Atherton, George Andrews, Dave Lee, Chris Bland 76
17 Sam Leach, Bob Chester, Jim Hodges, Pete Mills 75
18= Steve Blakeway, Brian Yardley, Peter Brown, John Cross 74
18= Dave Blease, Roddri Giggs , Carl Marginson, Rob Whittle 74
20= Neil Edwards, Steve Woods, Dave Parry, John Barker 73
20= Stuart Reynolds, Ian Fensom, John Griffin, Ray Mills 73
22= Les Russon, Paul Carroll, Rick Kershaw, Harry Amis 72
22= Colin Roberts, Dave Mason, Dave Marchant, Andy Williamson 72
22= Paul Gilbert, Paul Simpson, Matt Nelstrop, Al Kenny 72
22= Mick Mahon, Dave Westwood, Richard Palmer, John Farnsworth 72
22= Ian Gemmell, Bob Coley, Bill Smith, Peter Roche 72
27 Mike Spencer, Ian King, Darren Whittaker, Bob Eastwood 70
28= Malcolm Gibson , Bill Caldwell, Russell Gardiner, Doug Pigott 68
28= Simon Taylor, Keith Rigby, Tony Roberts, Mark Savage 68
30 Steve Halliwell, Steve Aspinall, Mike Tarrant, Paul Stones 66
31 Chih Hu, Dave Madely, Kevin Barker, Dave McCallum 65

Hopwood Cleveland/Srixon Open start times
Thursday 18th July
10.00 Colin Roberts x4
10.09 Simon Hemsley x4
10.17 Jim Clarke x4
10.25 Jack Coleman x4
10.34 Mick Mahon x4
10.43 Dave Stanhope x4
10.52 Andy Strickley x4
11.03 John Hilditch x4
11.12 Simon Taylor x4
11.21 Rob Platt x4
11.30 Martin Bramwell x4
11.39 Rob Weston x4
11.48 Pete Dobson x4
11.57 Craig Rea x4
12.06 Koos Aldrs x4
12.06 Dave Sully x4
12.15 Les Russon x4
12.24 Peter Maher x4
12.33 Tim Spencer x4
12.42 Roger Percival x4
12.51 Ian Hellens x4
1.00 Paul Fell x4
1.09 Dave Keen x2 2 players required
1.18 Nigel Hallows x4
1.27 John Hunt x4
1.36 Keith Workman x4
2.03 Dave Bentley x4
2.12 Richard Blackwell x4
2.30 Simon Wilkinson x4
2.39 Dave Goodwin x4
2.48 Gary Neiles x4