Results from Dunham and Didsbury changed to Reddish next week!!

****Next weeks DIDSBURY EVENT NOW MOVED TO REDDISH VALE GOLF CLUB**** Due to a flooded course I have had to change the venue to Alister Mackenzie designed Reddish Vale which is in great condition according to their pro*****

Maxitours at delightfully dry Dunham

Dunham Forest Golf and Country Club must have been the most playable golf course in Cheshire today. Whilst other local courses were closed this terrific venue was well and truly open and playing superbly:

Stuart Taylor ‘It was unbelievable out there -the course was in fantastic condition!’

‘The Dunham Head greenkeeper really knows his stuff – that was brilliant’ Announced Mike Wainwright.

‘That was great – the only thing I don’t like about this course is all the trees’. Said a confused Nigel Ashton.

‘Testament to the drainage! That was terrific’ Reported friendly Irishman Pat O’Dowd.

Russell Sollitt has got an incredible 4 double letters in his name. He carried on this theme by making a double bogey at a few holes during his round. He did however make a two on the thirteenth to win some golf balls. Playing partner Martin Cox asked him if he wanted a drink in the bar.
‘Mines a double’ Replied Russell.

Pete Fotheringhan finishes his round and normally gets a call from his wife telling him to get home as quick as possible to get through a long list of jobs. Today he got a phone call telling him not to go home. He thought he was really in the dog house, but his wife explained to him that Whaley Bridge was being evacuated. The huge reservoir dam wall has a structural fault which could have catastrophic consequences. Maxitours player Alan Booth overheard the story – ‘If the dam breaks it will only cause about a tenners worth of damage in Whaley Bridge’ He chuckled.

In todays event Leighs Pete Doran(18), Brian Flynn(24) Brian Hitchin(17) and Keith Park(20) were delighted to take 3rd place with 86 points. Keith Park and Brian Hitchen hit some incredible chips to keep their score ticking over nicely.

New Mills Tony Jennison (5)Chris Marshall (13)Richard Blackwell(13) and John Hilton(14) took 2nd place with 87 points the likeable quartet could only pick up two points on the 16th hole which proved costly.

Winning was Fixbys Mike Newey(15), Mike Dempsey(11), Arthur Gray(15) and John Dickenson(20). The closing four holes at Dunham are incredibly tough and whilst most teams were dropping shots these fellas picked up four shots to move through the field. Well played chaps, Great score!

Thanks to everyone for your 100% attendance today, Brilliant.

2’s £245 Chris Clarke Paul McDermott Russell Sollitt John Linsky Simon Wilkinson John Fitzsimons Stuart Hardy Johnny Barton Richard Palmer Mike Hill Alan Pengelly Brian Hopkins
Nearest the pin 8th Mark Clewley Doz AD333
Nearest the Pin 18th Pete Moss Doz AD333

Dunham Forest 1-Aug-2019
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 John Dickenson, Mike Dempsey, Arthur Gray, Mike Newey 87 12 Galvin Green insular top
2 Richard Blackwell, Tony Jennison, Chris Marshall, John Hilton 87 10 Maxitours merino sweater
3 Pete Doran, Brian Flynn, Brian Hitchin, Keith Park 86 8 Maxitours shirt each
4 Bri Hopkins, Neil Worthington, Darren Whittaker, Alan Pengelly 85 6 Maxitours shirt each
5 John Safhill, Kev Hall, Neil Miller, Paul Safhill 85 4 Callaway shirt each
6 Munro Donald, Richard Palmer, John Farnsworth, Andy Faulkner 84 2 Callaway shirt each
7 Simon Willway, Lawrie Heal, Jim Spears, Dave Buckley 83 Maxitours cap each
8= Sam Leach, Jim Hodges, Jonny Barton, Chris Walley 82 Maxitours scorecard holder each
8= Jim Caldwell, Russell Cash, Stuart Taylor, James Cash 82
8= Jim Clarke, Ceri Hiscox, Chris Clarke, Pete Ledger 82
11= Dave Stanhope, Dave Antrobus, John Buckley, Giles Terry 81
11= Neale Laurent, Mark Turner, Paul McDermott, Alf Shillitoe 81
11= Joe Yates, John Liongworth, Alan Forber, Gary Neiles 81
11= Ben Kinsey, Nigel Ashton, Paul Fell, Colin Bryant 81
11= Nigel Hallows, Mick Gorrill, Sarah Ormrod, Dave Greenwood 81
11= Barry Wilson, John Fitzsimmons, Simon Wilkinson, John Linsky 81
17= Pat O’Dowd, Pete Fotheringham, Dave McGuiness, Neil Drummond 80
17= David Sully, Steve Heywood, Ian Appleton, Graham Davenport 80
19= Chris Brown, Mike Wainwright, Paul Simpson, Frazer 79
19= Mark Worsley, Sean Dobson, Pete Moss, Mandy Moss 79
21 Jim Lindsay, Russell Sollitt, Alan Brough, Martin Cox 78
22= Bob Eastwood, Ashley Elliott, Mike Lamb, Mark Clewley 77
22= John Cox, Joe Mann, Chris Iceley, Gordon Tilzey 77
22= Keith Workman , Stuart Hardie, Keith Graves, David Plant 77
25 Roy Ainsworth, Mike Verdon, Pete Atherton, Barrie Simpson 76
26 Jon Hudson, Mike Hill, Gary Brooks, Rob Blane 75
27 Pete Walters, Brendan Poynts, Mario Capostagno, Andy Millington 71

Reddish Vale start sheet
Thursday 8th August
(was Didsbury but course flooded)
10.00 David Kelly x4
10.09 Colin Roberts x4
10.18 Bob Pickthall x4
10.26 Jim Clarke x4
10.35 Roy Ainsworth x4
10.44 Lewis Marland x4
10.53 Chris Adams x4
11.02 Brian Greenbank x4
11.10 Neale Laurent x4 .
11.19 Mick Mahon x4
11,28 Jack Coleman x4
11.37 Dave Stanhope x4
11.46 Mike George x4
11.55 Roger Percival x4
12.04 Nigel Hallows x4
12.13 Dave Sully x4
12.21 Les Russon x4
12.30 Peter Maher x4
12.39 Ian Hellens x4 .
12.48 Rob Platt x4
12.56 Paul Fell x4
1.05 Martin Bramwell x4 .
1.13 Neil Edwards x4
1.22 Neil Edwards x4
1.31 John Hunt x4
1.40 John Dickenson x4
1.49 Eddie Ellis x4
1.58 Dave Bentley x4
2.07 Richard Blackwell x4
2.16 Pete Cotton x4
2.25 Simon Ashton x4.
2.33 Lee Tilley x4
2.42 Bri Hopkins x4
2.51 Gary Nieles x4.
3.00 Dave Goodwin x2 Graham Turner x2
3.09 Barry Jackson x4