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Results from Reddish Vale

Many thanks to England Coach of the Year 2018 Matt Turnock for running my event today:
The challenging venue of Reddish Vale played host to the rearranged Didsbury fixture at short notice and considering the recent weather the course played absolutely brilliantly with lots of positive comments about the greens and general condition.

Ever friendly and welcoming Pro Andrew Myers was extremely helpful and accommodating along with the catering and bar staff who were very appreciative of the Maxitours event.

Hero Hale member Martin Bramwell certainly didn’t leave his team up the creek without a paddle with a splendid individual effort helping his team to a respectable 80 points. He was recently involved in river rescue after some canoeists had lost their paddle in the fast flowing river waters that run by one of the holes at Hale Golf Club. They had to abandon the rest of their adventure and walk back across the course with their canoe after Martin and others assisted them.

The last hole (heart attack hill as it’s fondly known to the locals) certainly took its toll with quite a few teams coming a cropper on this “face of the Eiger” finishing hole. Grappling hooks and crampons are not uncommon.

Scoring was very tight at the top with 88 point winners Bob Pickthall, Rob Roden, Bob Day and Dave Thomas just pipping the next teams down by a single point.

Nearest Pin 4th was won by Steve Marsh – 1 x Doz AD333 Srixons
Nearest Pin 12th was won by John Atkin – 1 x Doz AD333 Srixons

2’s £267.50 pot – Pro 3 V1’s or 8 Srixons
David Kelly, Stuart Blake, John Atkin, Steve Barber, Bob Pickthall, Rob Roden, Chris Clarke, Pete Ledger, Paul Allen (x 3 two’s), Dave Wainwright, Brian Hopkins, Ian Appleton, Steve Merricks, Steve Blakeway, Paul Simpson, John Hunt, James Brown, Jim Kenyon, Simon Ashton, Lee Tilley, Richard Wilkinson

1st Cleveland rtx4 wedge each
2nd Maxitours merino sweatereach
3rd Dozen Srixon z stars each
4th Dozen ad333 tour
5th Dozen ad333 each
6th Dozen ad333 each

Maxitours Reddish Vale Cleveland / Srixon Masters 8th August 2019 Score OOM
Bob Pickthall Rob Roden Bob Day Dave Thomas 88 12
David Parry Aide Price George Andrews Mark Holland 87 cpo 10
Sarah Ormrod Dave Greenwood Nigel Hallows John Delaney 87 8
Jim Clarke Chris Clarke Graham Jackson Pete Ledger 86 6
Eddie Ellis Chris Heptinstall Jim Kenyon Joe Stanley 85 cpo 4
David Kelly John Atkin Kevin Pearce Stuart Blake 85 2
Tony Jennison Chris Marshall Richard Blackwell John Hilton 83
Gary Neiles Joe Yates Alan Forber John Longworth 82
Colin Roberts Tony Adams Dave Marchant Andy Williamson 82
Nigel Ashton Paul Fell 2’s Mike Lowe Colin Bryan 2’s 82
Ian Appleton Graham Davenport Steve Heywood Richard Wakefield 82
Lee Tilley David Rhodes David Sarsfield Peter Norbury 82
Dave Goodwin Richard Williamson Graham Turner Maurice Pitcher 81
Mick Mahon Andy Faulkner Richard Palmer John Farnsworth 81
Peter Maher Martin Higgins Russell Humpries Charles Beadle 81
Stephen Mattinson Harvey Mattinson Jack Coleman Tony Bloor 80
Martin Bramwell Paul Simpson Chris Brown Dave Smith 80
John Dickinson Peter Moss Amanda Moss Helen Braddock 79
Roy Ainsworth Mike Verdon Barry Simpson Koos Alders 79
Dave Bentley Keith Edminson Nigel Utley Morton Lindholt 78
John Hunt James Shipston Alison Shipston James Brown 78
Lewis Marland Rick Cotton Phil Dickens Joe Loughman 77
Brian Greenbank Andy Rattray Mike Wainwright Dave Wainwright 77
Neale Laurent Mark Turner Paul McDermott Alf Shillitoe 77
Simon Ashton Richard Booth Chris Heyes Danny Moss 77
Steve Merricks Dave Fidler Mike Priestley Rob Kenyon 77
Brian Hopkins Darren Whittaker Steve Marsh Alan Pengelly 77
Ed Wilkinson Roger Percival Martin France Pete Atherton 75
Chris Adams Paul Allen Richard Johnson Dave Lees 75
Rob Platt Steve Morfitt Carl Mollart Steve Barber 73
Pete Cotton Ash Pathak Edward Cotton Richard Varmon 73
Alan Morris Les Penson Steve Blakeway Paul Hammond 72
Dave Stanhope John Buckley Tom Jarvis Mark Heggarty 71
Jim McEwan John Harker Jim Shirley Kian Price 70
Barry Jackson Derek Fortune Dave Beavis Dave Walsh 67

Mottram Hall Thurs 15th Aug 10.00am-3.00pm AM AM £25
Food available from 9.15 onwards coffee and bacon rolls £5
10.00 Colin Roberts x4
10.18 Jim Clarke x4
10.27 Mike George x4
10.36 Chris Chidley x4
10.45 Lewis Marland x4
10.54 Mick Mahon x4
11.03 Matt Cheffins x4
11.12 Tim Spencer x4
11.21 Peter Maher x4
11.30 John Hilditch x4
11.39 Nigel Hallows x4
11.48 Dave Sully x4
11.57 Neale Laurent x4
12.06 Les Russon x4
12.15 Roger Percival x4
12.20 Nigel davenport x4
12.24 Sam Leach x4
12.33 Jamie Bradbury x4
12.42 Steve Aspinall x4
12.51 Paul Fell x4
1.00 John Hunt x4
1.09 John Dickenson x4
1.18 Matt Clements x4
1.27 Garry Owen x4
1.36 John Newton x4
1.45 Adam McKenna x4
1.54 Iain Duncan x4
2.03 Richard Blackwell x2 Peter moss x2
2.12 Danny Holbrook x4
2.21 Andrew Hill x4
2.30 Lee Tilley x4
2.39Dave Goodwin x4
2.48 Joe Yates x4
2.57Brian Hopkins x4