Results from wonderful Warrington

Maxitours at a Windy but dry Warrington

Thank you to Warrington Golf Club for being wonderful hosts and to all the staff for their hospitality and especially Head Greenkeeper McCouglin for presenting the course in super condition for the time of year under trying conditions earlier in the week.

No main report today as I am still away in Portugal but word got back to me that the highlight of the day came from Richard Blackwell on the 11th (stroke index 1) for managing to follow his ball into the bunker after playing his 3rd shot from a rather precarious position. To his credit he then splashed out to 30 feet and managed to roll it in for an unlikely bogey nett par to salvage a 2 pointer. Well done Richard for not burying your head in the sand !!!

Well done to winning pair John Owen and Ian Bartholomew with an excellent 47 points followed closely by Richard Blackwell and his partner John Hilton on 46 winning on count back from John Hilditch and Steve Lawless.

A big thank you once again to my friend Matt Turnock for running my event this week.
Todays results were:

2’s – £170 = 7 Pro V1’s or 19 Srixon AD333’s
Ewan Dunbar, David Kelly, Luke Bartrum, Martin Keates (x2), Ross Sullitt

NP 6th – was not handed in to Matt and was not to be found on 6th green – Any clues guys ????

NP 13th – was AMAZINGLY a tie between John Lynskey & Steve Howsen – 6 Srixon AD333’s each

Scores OOM Prizes
John Owen Ian Bartholomew 47 12 Cleveland Wedges
Richard Blackwell John Hilton 46 cpo 11 Maxitours Merino Sweaters
John Hilditch Steve Lawless 46 10 FJ Sweaters
Ross Sullitt Barry Simpson 45 9 Under Armour Shirts
Richard Palmer John Farnsworth 44 cpo 8 Under Armour Shirts
Neil Laurent John Harrop 44 7 Maxitours Shirts
Steve Austin Gary Smith 42 cpo 6 Maxitours Shirts
Les Russon Rob Kenyon 42 cpo 5 Maxitours Scorecard Holders
Brian Greenbank Guy Levers 42 cpo 4 Maxitours Scorecard Holders
Leo Sewell Neil Tidd 42 3 Maxitours Scorecard Holders
Keith Park Stuart Park 41 cpo 2 Maxitours Scorecard Holders
Martin Keates Kevan Hawkins 41 1 Maxitours Scorecard Holders
Phil Vokes Reg Maddock 40
Tony Jennison Chris Marshall 40
Jim Rymer Dave McDougall 40
Craig Dyson Russell Lees 39
Peter Fotheringham Tim Royle 39
David Carlile Chris Diggle 39
Brian Hopkins Darren Whittaker 39
Richard Shaw John Oldknow 39
Jim Cox Dave Blood 38
Gordon Tilzey Jim Fletcher 38
Rusell Humphries Charlie Beadle 38
Dave Bowers Hugh Mullen 38
Dave Greenwood Sarah Ormrod 38
Paul Dalby Barney Ross 38
Gary Neiles John Morton 38
Lewis Marland Phil Dickens 38
Don Cambell Adam Carolan 37
Mike George Caroline George 37
Dave Lowe Ian Hebenton 37
Steve Heywood Janet Heywood 37
Luke Bartram Sam Wilson 37
Peter Maher Chris Church 37
Ray Tennant John Hughes 37
Steve Lamont Dave Hughes 37
Rob Harris Steve Merricks 36
S. Blakeway J. Rigby 36
Duncan Bullough John Simmons 36
Simon Poucher Brendon Leighton 35
Mick Mahon Dave Westwood 35
David Kelly R. Sutton 34
S. Blake J. Atkin 34
Steve Aspinall Colin Berry 34
Pete Tomlinson Ewan Dunbar 34
Mark Ronden Graham Davenport 34
Roy Ainsworth Brian Ankers 34
Martin Rose Steve Walmsley 34
Alan Hoy Graham Wilkinson 33
Tony Walsh Ian George 33
Tom Beevers Alan Morris 33
John Lynskey E. Fernandez 32