Results from Vintage Vale Royal

*Please arrive 25 minutes before your start time tomorrow at Cavendish
*Mere and Preston start times below- there was little room for new teams as most Welsh Classic teams are now playing at these venues- Apologies to any of my disappointed clients on the reserve list.

Maxitours at Vintage Vale Royal

It was another great golfing day for well over 100 Maxitours players who travelled to Vale Royal.

There were tremendous compliments throughout the day for this fantastic venue which is maturing into a classic.
Richard Blackwell usually talks drivel but he hit the nail on the head this evening when he rated Vale Royal ‘As good as any golf course in Cheshire.’

‘That is one great golf course!’ Added Steve Marsden.
‘I love it here – it’s a really, really, enjoyable golf course to play.’ Praised Lewis Marland.

The report is slightly shorter than usual as I have been busy sorting start times out at future venues. I might have had time to write some golf related stories but I was busy wasting my life away having a nonsensical conversation with Bob Chesters’ team. They all have degrees in stating the obvious when I am trying to get some work done.
‘Its hot out there Tim’

It was John Kings first day back after self-isolating. ‘It’s my first day out for a few months as I am classed as vulnerable!’ He told me proudly.
‘Your wedge play needs to go into isolation next. it looked pretty vulnerable to me!’ Remarked his playing partner Fred Tyler.

Scoring was excellent especially in the morning when there was not a breath of wind and the greens were receptive. It was great to see two legendary Maxitours teams in the top three.

Ever present Colin Roberts(19) is possibly the most ‘capped’ Maxitours player. The popular Alsager man plays every week but he is more famous for his larger than life personality rather than his golf game. He played great today however and was ably assisted by his more sensible good friend Dave Marchant(18), Dave Mason(13) and Andy Williamson(13 as they took 3rd place).

Father to be Andy Buckley(9) teamed up with his own dad Mark (9) Don Philips (12) and Pete Woodbine (14) they has a best of the day 46 points in the front nine which earned them second place

Mick Mahon(22) can’t be too far behind Colin with the most Maxitours caps and this gentle giant is one of the nicest guys in the game. He rolled in more than his fair share of putts today as his team won with a brilliant 91 points . Team mate Richard Palmer (11) has had one of his rare victories here a few years ago and it was a case of horses for courses as the farmer also played well. Andy Faulkner(18) and Dave Westwood (19) completed the likeable team .
Well played chaps a great victory under the hot sun!

Thanks to everyone for your 100% attendance. Awesome ! as they say on the PGA Tour.


Nearest the Pin 10th Craig Rea Doz AD333 4 feet
Nearest the pin 16th Les Russon Doz AD333 9inches

2’s £252.50 6 prov1s or 14 srixons per two
Richard Duerr Ray Massey x2 Jim Caldwell Lee Charnley Ste Marsh Martin France Richard Palmer Simon Wilkinson Steve Kenyon John Webb Craig Rea Adam Princep

Vale Royal 24-Jun-2020
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Mick Mahon, Andy Faulkner, Richard Palmer, Dave Westwood 91 12 Cleveland wedge each
2 Andy Buckley, Mark Buckley, Don Philips, Pete Woodbine 89 10 Dozen Taylor made tp5 balls
3 Colin Roberts, Dave Mason, Dave Marchant, Andy Williamson 87 8 Under Armour shirt each
4 Steve Aspinall, John Fitzsimmons, John jnr, Graham Wilkinson 87 6 Maxitours shirt each
5 Roger Percival, Martin France, Pete Atherton, Ed Wilkinson 87 4 Maxitours shirt each
6 Joe Kirwan, Gareth Bradley, Simon Hemsley, Ian King 87 2 Maxitours bag towel
7= Martin Bramwell, Dave Smith, Richard Duerr, Dave Madely 86
7= Jim Caldwell, Peter Griggs, Lee Charnley, John Kelsall 86
7= Ray Massey, Cameron Massey, John Gleave, Dave Drury 86
7= Gary Neiles, Joe Yates, Paul Yates, John Longworth 86
11= Jason Waite, Alex Howarth, Gary Butler, Steve Lowe 83
11= Gav Dixon, Gary Sinclair, Bobby Aston, Pete Keena 83
13= Steve Marsh, Darren Whittaker, Neil Worthington, Bri Hopkins 82
13= Jim Clarke, Graham Jackson, Chris Clarke, Pete Ledger 82
13= Alan Leigh, Frank Massey, Jimmy O’Reilly, Jimmy Driscoll 82
16 Barrie Wilson, Simon Wilkinson, John Linsky, Nick Steel 81
17= Richard Blackwell, Andy Hamlett, Nick Moores, John Hilton 80
17= Ged Keary, Mark Woosnam, Steve Kenyon, Jim Murray 80
17= Steve Heywood, Janet Heywood, Dave Sully, Donna Sully 80
17= Paul Fell, Colin Bryan, Nigel Ashton, John Evans 80
17= Steve Owen, Dave Griffiths, Tony Doyle, Chris Bracchi 80
22= Paul Dalby, Phil Vokes, Simon Wells, Scott Mason 79
22= Pete Tomlinson, Mike Masser, Bob Pritchard, Phil Dermot 79
22= Ian Marchant, Steve Marchant, Kevin Pyatt, Steve Pyatt 79
25= Les Russon, Steve Merricks, Rob Kenyon, Ian Handy 78
25= Barry Jackson, Derek Fortune, Dave Beavis, Steve Tate 78
27= Lewis Marland, Phil Dickens, Neale Laurent, 77
27= Mike Wilkinson, Andy Graham, Phil Thornily, Simon Belt 77
27= Dave Blood, Ian Smith, Phil Hudson, Mike Grainger 77
27= Jon Hudson, Robert Blain, Mike Hill, Andy Corner 77
31 Paul Gilbert, Craig Rea, John Webb, Chris Ravecroft 76
32= Brian Greenbank, Ian Ponter, Dave Wainwright, Guy Levers 75
32= Sam Leach, Jim Hodges, Jonny Barton, Chris Walley 75
34 Roy Ainsworth, Adam Princip, Koos Alders, Barrie Simpson 74
35 Bob Ellis , Phil Houghton, Neil Winstanley, John Ashton 70
36 Anthony Bloor, Steve Mattinson, Harvey Mattinson, Mike Gauden 63

Mere Tuesday 30th June

11.40 Ian King x4.
11.50 Colin Roberts x4.
12.00 Bob Eastwood x4 (£25)
12.10 Jim Caldwell x4.
12.20 Bob Eastwood x4.
12.30 Neale Laurent. x4 (£25)
12.40 John Owen x4.
12.50 Jim Clarke x4. (£25)
1.00 Brian Greenbank x4.
1.10 Mick Mahon x4.(25)
1.20 Chris Gregory (£25)
1.30 Mike Spencer 4.
1.40 Chris Adams x4 (£25)
1.50 Sam Leach x4
2.00 Les Russon x4 (£25)
2.10 Steve Aspinall x4. (£25)
2.20 Dave Sully x4.(£25)
2.30 Roy Ainsworth. (£25)
2,40 Ian Hellens x4,
2.50 Paul Dalby x4.
3.00 Martin Humphries x4.
3.10 Paul Fell x4.
3.20 John Cox tbc
3.30 Jim Kenyon x4.
3,40 Jim Kenyon x4.
3.50 Jim Kenyon x4.
4.00 Dave Blood x4
4.10 Pete Dolan x4 £(50)
4.20 Pete Dolan x4 (£50)
4.30 Steve Fairclough x4.
4.40 Gary Neiles x4 (£50)
4.50 Richard Blackwell x4.
5.00 James Callow x4 (£50)
5.10 Andrew Cornes x4
5.20 Andy Buckley x4.
5.30 Andrew Hill x4 tbc

Gav Sutcliffe x4
John Cox x4
Dave Stewardson x4
Dave Randles x4
Mark Tring x4
Paul Cooper x
Phil Locket x4
Paul Browne x4.
Simon Langdon x4.
Chris Lister x4.
John Wallis x4.

Preston Start sheet Friday 3rd July
Please pick up cards from me at the driving range which will be open for practice.
The clubhouse may offer facilities- more news next week.
9.50 Ian King x4.
10.00 Colin Roberts x4.
10.10 John Owen x4.
10.20 Steve Fairclough x4.
10.30 Jim Lindsay x4
10.40 Nigel Jenkins x4.
10.50 Sam Leach x4.
11.30 Lewis Marland x4.
11.40 Neale Laurent x4.
11.50 Pete Dolan x4
12.00 Pete Dolan x4
12.10 Paul Fell x4. (£50)
12.20 Richard Blackwell x4.
12.30 Munro Donald x4. (£50)
12.40 Lee Tilley x4
12.50 Steve Aspinall x4. (£50)
1.00 Steve Fairclough x4
1,10 Dave Buckley x4 (£50)
1.20 Mick Mahon x4.
1.30 Kev Hart x4.
1.40 Dave Goodwin x4.
1.50 Ian Hellens x4.
2.10 Martin Cox x4. (£50)
2.20 Garry Owen x4.
2.30 Dave Sully x4.
2.40 James Callow x4 tbc
2.50 Gary Neiles x4. (£50)
3.00 Jim Clarke x4 (£50)
3.10 Dave Griffiths x4
3.20 Martin France x4?
3.30 Neil Edwards x4

Neil Edwards x4.
Gave Sutcliffe x4
Mark Tring x4
Paul Cooper x4
Ron Sloane x4
Bri Hopkins x4.
Gareth Winston x4.
Kenny Plumb x4.
James Wilson x4.
Andrew Cox x4.
Pete Dolan x8.
Dean Jagger x4.
Barrie Wilson x4.
Warren Newton x4.
Nick Ford x4.
Matt Cheffins x4.
Garry Owen x4.
John Dickenson x4