Maxitours at charming Cavendish

Maxitours at must play Cavendish

All golfers must play this great course before they die.

At just 5552 yards with fast running fairways, stunning tees and greens and just a gentle breeze to keep the players cool it looked like the course was for the taking.

No way.

The brilliant Mackenzie design outfoxed most of the teams with the average score being around the 73 mark.

Thanks to everyone at this great club for their hospitality. Rachel in the pro shop is a real favourite with our players/smoothies. Cavendish sell Mars bars,, snickers, kit kats and Rolos in the pro shop. Love struck Graham King nearly missed his tee time after he busily scoffed his chocolates in order to be able to offer Rachel his last rolo. Great service with a smile all day. Brilliant.

Mark Hagerty tells me every week that I get his name wrong. He says reading my reports is similar to the start of Fawlty towers as he never knows what name will appear in the results. He was down on the start sheet today as Mark Hagery which was a new one. After todays performance he is thinking about changing his name completely after his team could only manage 70 points.

Pete O’Neill is a top man and he was looking VERY well after the lockdown (I think it was ‘choc down’ for Pete) He said it was like being on a two month all inclusive holiday except he could stay at home. He got a nice sun tan from his fridge bulb he was in and out of there that often. The Buxton hillside was a shock to his system and the team could only manage a last place 67 points.

English teacher Gary Hornsea has also been taking it very easy at home for the last ten weeks and he is really looking forward to relaxing even more during the Summer holidays which start next month. Despite being a literature fan he couldn’t read the Cavendish greens today.
‘They absolutely baffled me.’ He admitted. ‘I’m going home for a lie down and a another relax’ Was his only solution.

In todays event:
Neale Laurents(15) Dukinfield team were surprised to take fourth place with 82 points. John Harrop(10), Gary Berrisford(10) and Paul Butler(9) were his team mates.

Cheshire senior players Andrew Hill (1)and Don Campbell (2) played with a couple of other tasty players Mike Kelsall(4)and Dave Stewardson(10) and the Hazel Grove team were happy with 3rd place. Andrew Hill is one of Cheshire finest ever putters and he enjoyed the Augusta like greens.

Alsagers’ finest -Colin Roberts- has had the golfing week of his entertaining life. After three years without a prize he followed up a surprise third place at Vale Royal yesterday with a second place today! Incredible. They had a run of four six-point holes on the back nine and they were about the only team on the course to master the tricky Cavendish greens. Their 85 points was good enough to take 2nd place.
Well played Colin(18), Andy Williamson(14), Dave Marchant(16) and Dave Mason(13). Brilliant.

Winning today were the strange talking local Matlock team of Mick Wain(8) Don Claxton(2) Tony Price(11) and Sean Heenan (24). Sean had the shots and it looked like he was the danger man but he only came on the card once. It was 2 handicapper Don Claxton who picked up four birdies- the most impressive being on the tough tenth hole where he received a shot. These guys know the course and they used their local knowledge very well. Great golf chaps.

Thank you for another full field once again. Amazing. Two long but great days. I’m off to bed.

Nearest the Pin 15th 4ft 5inch Andy Williamson Dozen AD333
Nearest the pin 17th Jordan Brown 6 inches Dozen AD333

2’s £142.50 3 pro v1s each or 6 srixon Ad 333
Steve Blakeway x2 Anne Greenough Andy Brechin Rick Cotton Simon Ledger Tony Evans Jordan Brown Mark Gebbie Tony Price Don Claxton Don Campbell Mike Kelsall Dave Stewardson Alan Entwistle Alan Squires Mick Jones Russell Humphries

Cavendish 25-Jun-2020
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Mick Wain, Don Claxton, Tony Price, Saen Keenan 86 Maxitours lined footjoy sweater
2 Colin Roberts, Dave Mason, Dave Marchant, Andy Williamson 85 Maxitours Footjoy shirt each
3 Andrew Hill, Don Campbell, Mike Kelsall, Dave Stewardson 83 Under Armour shirt
4 Neale Laurent, John Harrop, Gary Berrisford, Paul Butler 82 Under armour shirt
5 Pete Short, Carl Marginson, Sam Garnett, Rhoddri Giggs 79 Maxitours cap each
6 Ian Hellens, Steve Blakeway, Richard Greenill, Paul Robinson 78 Maxitours bag towel
7= Andy Buckley, Mark Buckley, Don Philips, Pete Woodbine 77
7= Mark Richardson, Bob Kwan, Andy Adshead, Pete Draper 77
9 Chris Gregory, Christy Beakey, Mark Gebbie, Gareth Johnson 76
10= Paul Fell, Colin Bryan, Nigel Ashton, John Evans 75
10= Richard Blackwell, Andy Hamlett, Nick Moores, John Hilton 75
10= Andy Dunster, Alan Squires, Nick Kerrin, Alan Entwistle 75
10= Russell Humphries, Nigel Hall, Nick Longworth, Peter Maher 75
14= Dave Blood, Jimmy Cox, Phil Hudson, Mike Grainger 74
14= Ian Greenough, Anne Greenough, Phil Okill, Chris Wakefield 74
16= Simon Wells, Pete Close, Andy Brechin, Ade Waring 73
16= Fred Bridge, Steve Levitt, Mike Murray, Bernie Mullins 73
16= Simon Ashton, Mick Jones, Ian Cole, Richard Major 73
19 Rick Cotton, Nick Fox, Stuart Fox, Carl Davidson 72
20= Chris Lee, Steve Heywood, Richard Wakefield, Graham Davenport 71
20= Warren Newton, Pat Keenan, Matt Jansen, Mickey Gray 71
22= Pete Norbury, Mike Norbury, Andy Wilde, James Owen 70
22= Mark Hagarty, Ronnie Moore, Simon Ledger, Richard T-Carr 70
24 Sean Ellam, Gary Collis, Steve Shields, Mark Ellam 69
25= Dave Waite, Jordan Brown, Nigel Yates, Martin Horsfield 68
25= Lewis Marland, Phil Dickens, Nick Ford, John Safill 68
27= Mick Mahon, Andy Faulkner, Richard Palmer, Dave Westwood 67
27= Kev Hart, Paul Yearsley, Pete O’Neill, Jimmy Booth 67

Mere AM AM
Tuesday 30th June

11.40 Ian King x4.
11.50 Colin Roberts x4.
12.00 Bob Eastwood x4 (£25)
12.10 Jim Caldwell x4.
12.20 Simon Langdon x4
12.30 Neale Laurent. x4 (£25)
Lee Tilley x4
12.40 John Owen x4.
12.50 Jim Clarke x4. (£25)
1.00 Brian Greenbank x4.
1.10 Mick Mahon x4.(25)
1.20 Chris Gregory (£25)
1.30 Mike Spencer 4.
1.40 Chris Adams x4 (£25)
1.50 Sam Leach x4
2.00 Les Russon x4 (£25)
2.10 Steve Aspinall x4. (£25)
2.20 Dave Sully x4.(£25)
2.30 Roy Ainsworth. (£25)
2,40 Ian Hellens x4,
2.50 Paul Dalby x4.
3.00 Martin Humphries x4.
3.10 Paul Fell x4.
3.20 John Cox tbc
3.30 Jim Kenyon x4.
3,40 Jim Kenyon x4.
3.50 Jim Kenyon x4.
4.00 Dave Blood x4
4.10 Allan Brown x4
4.20 Chris Lister x4
4.30 Steve Fairclough x4.
4.40 Gary Neiles x4 (£50)
4.50 Richard Blackwell x4.
5.00 James Callow x4 (£50)
5.10 Andrew Cornes x4
5.20 Andy Buckley x4.
5.30 Mark Ellam x4