Maxitours at Magnificent Knutsford

Maxitours at marvellous Knutsford

Growing up as a lad I was always told that Knutsford was the best nine-hole golf course in the North. Not many of todays’ players would argue with that fact after experiencing the golf course today.

New head green keeper Dave Jones is doing an unbelievable job:
‘The attention to detail is incredible -that course is phenomenal.’ Reported Bramall’s four handicapper Dave Woods (he was in a good mood to be fair after a -3 back nine.)
‘Wow our green keeper needs to come here! That is outstanding work!’ Reported an undisclosed player.
‘They are the best greens I have ever played on!’ Admitted Mark Hagerty.
‘If that course was 18 holes it would be the very best in Cheshire!’ Declared single figure businessman Lee Tilley.

Thanks for the comments guys I am delighted you enjoyed my home course.

Hats off also to new clubhouse manager Steve Baker.
He was in at 7.45am this morning frying up the bacon butties and was still serving beer at 7.45pm this evening- brilliant . It was the busiest day of the year for bar and food taking at Knutsford – many thanks to all my players.

It was also good to see everyone abiding by social distance guidelines on the course and in the Clubhouse. Jimmy O’Reilly came in wearing the biggest face mask I have ever seen.
‘How did you know it was me?’ He questioned.
‘I could tell by the scruffy trousers.’

I have had over 250 different golfers support my events over the last two days and I have not had a single issue. Many thanks. It was also great to have my lovely wife and son playing together today in a Maxitours event for the first time and they had a really great day with Alistair Holloway and Garry Owen- Thanks for looking after them guys.

On my first visit to Wembley for the 1990 FA cup final I watched Lee Martin slam in the winner for Manchester United. He slammed in a few putts today but had to go home with a losers medal as his team’s 88 points was only good enough for 3rd place . ‘A Maxitours win would have meant more to me than that FA Cup win. ‘ Reported the intelligent Royal Liverpool member.

Taking second place was Carden Parks Paul Fell(5), Ian Venables(12), Mike Lowe(9) and Dave Cooper(17). Fell was top of the Xentum Order of Merit last year but has fallen off a cliff before his impressive performance today. The team picked up 8 points on the 15th hole.

Winning today and making the most of the ideal golfing conditions was the Wilmslow team of Neil Higgins(9) John Bent(7) Mark Steggs(10)and Ian Waller(12) It was great to see John Bent again who was a regular on Maxitours ten years ago. He has obviously improved a lot since then.

Well played chaps great golf.

In the two day event Paul Fells team came out on top with a very impressive 173 total closely followed bu Steve Aspinalls’ team on 166.

Two day event
Paul Fell team – FJ Maxitours shirt
Steve Aspinall team -Maxitours shirt

Vale Royal prizes
Simon Poucher team –Maxitours FJ Lined sweater each
Garry Owen team – FJ Shirt each
Steve Aspinall team-
Richard Blackwell team- Maxitours shirt
Chris Adams team- Maxitours shirt
Simon Hemsley team-Maxitours bag towel

Nearest the Pin 3rd Andy Hamlett 34 inches Doz AD333
Nearest the pin 15th Les Penson 36 inches Doz AD333

2’s £140 3 prov1 or 6 srixons per two
Steve Aspinall Frank Massey Paul Fell Ian Venables Jim Clarke Dave Woods Dave Westwood Richard Palmer Simon Ledgerx2 Ronnie Moore Richard Taylor-Carr Les Penson Brendan Poynts Frank Massey Dave Beavis Dave Sarsfield

Knutsford 11-Aug-2020
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Neil Higgins, John Bent, Mark Steggs, Ian Waller 93 12 Maxitours lined sweater each
2 Paul Fell, Ian Venables, Dave Cooper, Mike Lowe 89 10
3 Gary Neiles, Lee Martin, John Morton, Andy Joslin 88 8 Under Armour Shirt
4 Lee Tilley, Dave Sarsfield, Pete Norbury, Dave Rhodes 87 6 Maxitours shirt each
5 Barry Jackson, Dave Beavis, Steve Tate, Steve Walsh 87 4 Maxitours shirt each
6 Andrew Hill, Dave Stewardson, Don Campbell, Mike Kelsall 86 2 Maxitours bag towel each
7= Jim Clarke, Chris Clarke, Graham Jackson, Pete Ledger 85
7= Neale Laurent, John Harrop, Nicky Platt, Alf Shillitoe 85
7= Garry Owen, Suzy Maxwell, James Maxwell, Alistair Holloway 85
7= Alan Leigh, Matt Driscoll, Jimmy O’Reilly, Ian Taylor 85
11= Simon Hemsley, Marcus Green, Dave Woods, Peter Maher 84
11= Lewis Marland, Phil Dickens, Kev Seaton, Nick Ford 84
13= Steve Aspinall, Dave Monk, Steve Broome, Jerry Salmon 81
13= Mick Mahon, John Farnsworth, Richard Palmer, Dave Westwood 81
13= Chris Marshall, Andy Hamlett, Nick Moores, Tony Jennison 81
16 Mark Hagerty, Ronnie Moore, Richard Taylor-Coe, Simon Ledger 80
17= Roy Ainsworth, Brian Ankers, Peter Heald, Adam Princep 78
17= Ian Hellens, Les Penson, Paul Hammond, Norrie Irwin 78
17= Colin Roberts, Dave Tobutt, Simon Williams, Nigel Armitage 78
17= John Linsky, Barrie Wilson, Simon Wilkinson, Nick Steele 78
21 Nev Sharless, Ian Smith, Brad Grimes, Tim Royle 77
22 Neil Macload, Mark Cordon, Brendan Poynts, John Tiernan 74
23 Andy Buckley, Phil Robinson, Alex Jarman, Dave Goodwin 73
24 Tony Doyle, Rex Taylor, David Robinson, Geoff Francis 72

Stockport start sheet
Monday 18th Aug

9.00 David Kelly x4
9.09 Simon Hemsley x4
9.27 Neale Laurent x4
9.36 Rob Platt x4
9.45 Rob Harris x4
9.54 Paul Gilbert x4
10.03 Martin Bramwell x4
10.12 Chris Adams x4
10.21 Chris Adams x4
10.30 Lewis Marland x4
10.39 Paul Cooper x4
10.48 Mick Mahon x4
10.57 Jack Coleman x4
11.06 Jim Clarke x4
11.15 Andy Cox x4
11.06 John Hilditch x4
11.24 Mike George x4
11.33 Gareth Winstone x4
11.42 Gary Phillips x4
11.51 Simon Poucher x4
12.00 Jim Lindsay x4
12.09 Sam Leach x4
12.18 Graham Pike x4
12.27 Les Russon x4
12.36 Dave Sully x4
12.45 Kev Hart x4
12.54 Ian Hellens x4
1.03 Bob Mottershead x4
1.12 Jon Hudson x4
1.21 Barrie Simpson x4
1,30 Dave Buckley x4
1.39 Neil Edwards x4
1.48 Neil Edwards x4
1.57 Richard Blackwell x4
2.06 Chris Wrighton x4
2.15 Dave Goodwin x4
2.24 jonny lord xentun x1
2.33 Bri Hopkins x4
2.42 Andy Hill x4
2.51 Lee Tilley x4
3.00 Gary Neiles x4

Rob Rhodes x4
Euan Dunbar x4