Results from tremendous Vale Royal

Tomorrows gate code at Knutsford – 0831
Great food available all day

Room for 1 team tomorrow at brilliant Knutsford 2.01pm tee time

Maxitours at tremendous Vale Royal

Another stunning day was enjoyed by Maxitours players at Vale Royal. The course really is superb and is always a huge favourite with my guys.
‘We love it around here. It is a terrific golf course!’ Announced well travelled John Hollingworth.
‘ Those greens were excellent. The greenkeeper put the pins in some tough spots. It was a fantastic test,’ Reported John Dickenson.

In todays event 3rd place went to Steve Aspinall’s Birchwood team who had 45 on the back nine to pip Chris Adams Prestbury men and Richard Blackwells Mottram team.

Taking second place was Garry Owens’(10) Denton team who went out in a brilliant 47 points but they stalled a little and could only manage 39 points on the back nine. Mark Bone(11) Lewis Ramsden (14) and Alistair Holloway (13) were his partners.

Winning today also with a great score of 86 points was the Sale Golf Club team of Simon Poucher(12), David Carlile(18) Neil Simpson(14) and Brendan Leighton(17)

These guys were hanging on to Leightons coat tails as he had the round of his life, picking up seven shots for his team including a chip in on the 16th .

Well played chaps.

There is also a two day event with about 10 teams participating on both days – so tomorrows report will be longer. All prizes won for individual days and the 2 day event will be published tomorrow..

Many thanks for your support, Tim.

Nearest the pin 10th John Farnsworth 10ft Dozen AD333
Nearest the pin 16th Nick Moores 2.5 ft

2’s £217.50 4 pro v1s or 10 srixon AD333

Chris Adams Richard Johnson Dave Woods Don Campbell Brendan Lieghton Alan Tranter Chris Gray Alistair Holloway Mark Saxon Phil Vokes Dave Bowers Kev Hamilton Liam Rex John Longworth Steve lamont Dave Ellison

Vale Royal 10-Aug-2020
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Simon Poucher, David Carlile, Brendan Leighton, Neil Simpson 86 12
2 Garry Owen, Mark Bone, Alistair Holloway, Lewis Ramsden 86 10
3 Steve Aspinall, Dave Monk, Steve Broome, Colin Berry 85 8
4 Richard Blackwell, Andy Hamlett, Nick Moores, John Hilton 85 6
5 Chris Adams, Andy Oakes, Richard Johnson, Nick Hargreaves 85 4
6 Simon Hemsley, Gareth Bradley, Dave Woods, Joe Kirwan 84 2
7= Paul Fell, Colin Bryan, Dave Cooper, Mike Lowe 84
7= Jim Caldwell, Andrew Aherne, David Lathwood , Philip Ryding 84
7= Alan Forber, Joe Yates, Paul Yates, John Longworth 84
7= Steve Lamont, Dave Ellison, Eugenio Fernandez, Pete Gold 84
7= Andy Mansfield, John McAtee, Nick Appleton, an other 84
12= Paul Butler, James Beswick, Mark Turner, Jack Schofield 83
12= Mark Saxon, Paul Higgs, Tim Spencer, Garry Fergusson 83
14 Colin Roberts, Bob Sinclair, Andrew Williamson, Mike Webb 82
15= Hugh Mullin, Phil Vokes, Kevin Hamilton, Dave Bowers 81
15= Liam Rex, John Newton, John Leonard, Steve Fairclough 81
17= Steve Heywood, Graham Davenport , Dave Sully, Mark Roden 80
17= Dale Wallace, Steve Snape, John Russell, John Jones 80
19= Mike Kirchin, Mike Wilkinson, Andy Graham, Darren Bridge 79
19= John Hilditch, JP , Don Campbell, Simon Walton 79
19= Alan Leigh, Matt Driscoll, Jimmy O’Reilly, Ian Taylor 79
22= Nigel Uttley, Steve Lawrence, Jeff Mitchell, Roger Ashley 78
22= Charlie Beadle, Gary Phillips, Peter Maher, Nigel Hall 78
24= Darren Booth, Mark Timperley, John Wright, Tony McNamara 76
24= Jack Coleman, Mike Gauden, Harvey Mattinson, Anthony Bloor 76
24= Bob Mottershead, Dave Holgate, Dave Plant , John Dickenson 76
24= Nigel Davenport, Alan Tranter, Chris Gray, Graham Scholes 76
28 John Berry, Tony Grinnell, Andy Southworth, Chris O’Regan 73
29= Paul Gilbert, Ed Jenkins, Neil Shepherd, Chris Brown 72
29= Les Russon, Steve Merricks, Gav Spencer, Gary Whittaker 72
29= Rob Kenyon, Mike Priestly, Dave Williams, Patrick Roache 72
29= Peter Walkden, Dave Rogerson, Craig Snape, John Hiollingworth 72
29= Paul Entwistle, Graham Bailey, Ian Jones, Tommy Milner 72
34 Mick Mahon, John Farnsworth, Richard Palmer, Dave Westwood 71

Tomorrows Knutsford Golf Club start times

8.30 -10.30
8.30 Simon Hemsley x4
8.39 Colin Roberts x4
8.48 Ian Hellens x4
8.57 Lewis Marland x4
9.06 Dave Buckley x4
9.15 Jim Clarke x4
9.24 Mark Hagarty x4
9.33 Roy Ainsworth x4
9.42 Neale Laurent x4
9.51 Paul Fell x4
10.00 Mick Mahon x4
10.09 Les Russon x4
10.18 Neil Macloed x4

12.50-3pm Afternoon times
12.50 Dave Goodwin x4
12.59 Simon Wilkinson x4
1.08 Richard Blackwell x4
1.17 Dave Monk x4
1.26 Pete Fotheringham x4
1.35 Neil Higgins x4
1.44 Gary Neiles
1.53 Al Leigh x4
2.10 Steve Owen x4
2.19 Barry Jackson x4
2.39 Lee Tilley x4
2.48 Andy Hill x4

Next Mondays Stockport start times
17th August
9.00 David Kelly x4
9.09 Simon Hemsley x4
9.18 Colin Roberts x4
9.27 Neale Laurent x4
9.36 Rob Platt x4
9.45 Rob Harris x4
9.54 Paul Gilbert x4
10.03 Marton Bramwell x4
10.12 Chris Adams x4
10.21 Chris Adams x4
10.30 Lewis Marland x4
10.39 Paul Cooper x4
10.48 Mick Mahon x4
10.57 Jack Coleman x4
11.06 Jim Clarke x4
11.15 Andy Cox x4
11.06 John Hilditch x4
11.24 Mike George x4
11.33 Gareth Winstone x4
11.42 Paul Fell x4
11.51 Simon Poucher x4
12.00 Jim Lindsay x4
12.09 Sam Leach x4
12.18 Graham Pike x4
12.27 Les Russon x4
12.36 Dave Sully x4
12.45 Kev Hart x4
12.54 Ian Hellens x4
1.03 Bob Mottershead x4
1.12 Jon Hudson x4
1.21 Barrie Simpson x4
1,30 Dave Buckley x4
1.39 Neil Edwards x4
1.48 Neil Edwards x4
1.57 Richard Blackwell x4
2.06 Martin Humohries x4
2.15 Dave Goodwin x4
2.24 Gary Neiles x4
2.33 Bri Hopkins x4
2.42 Andy Hill x4
2.51 Lee Tilley x4
3.00 jonny lord xentum x1
Rob Rhodes x4
Gary Philips x4
Euan Dunbar x4
Peter Maher x4
Chris Wrighton x4