Maxitours at delightful Davyhulme

Play these great courses:
Room for 2 teams at Vale Royal on Monday and room for 2
Room for 1 team at Knutsford on Tuesday and 1 player
Room for teams in the rearranged Lymm event on 15th September

Maxitours at delightful Davyhulme

Another great days’ golf was enjoyed by Maxitours players at Davyhulme Park.

What a great golf course this is. Once again there were numerous happy golfers who were begging me to return to this classic parkland course next year.

The clubhouse is stunning and PGA Professional Martyn Hamer is a superb asset to Davyhulme – he couldn’t be more helpful – a brilliant credit to his profession.

I have just returned from a family holiday in Norfolk where there is a drought and the courses are burning up -Davyhulme looked like a green golfing paradise in comparison. We are so lucky to have all this rain.
‘I’ve not played here before but that is great layout -in immaculate condition- I loved it! ’ Announced Charlie Kingston.

Looking at the scorecards I’ve never seen so many teams start as badly. The first hole at Davyhulme is a narrow par three and well over half the teams dropped shots. Eight teams dropped two shots.
It didn’t bother Simon Raine as his team was one of only two to pick up a shot on the hole. All he could talk about was his eagle at the last however. ‘My second into the last was the greatest shot I have ever hit.’ The other 16 holes were average as they finished in the middle of the pack.

It was great to see Mike Verdon back in action today – he is a top bloke 👍and looked great.

Jim Clarke’s team has had a very quiet Summer by their high standards but today they were back playing some excellent golf. It is always lovely to see a young girl on the golf course and Jims daughter Georgi followed up a win at Knutsford yesterday with some great golf today. She is miles better than her Dad. They finished in 4th place.

Gary Neiles(6) Sandiway team scored 46 points on their back nine to sneak into third place. Joe Yates(9) made a great birdie on the 13th to give the team a boost. Son Paul(9) and John Longworth (13) made up the team.

School teacher Danny Holbrook(18) and his Ashton on Mersey team took second with 90 points. Holbrook has barely done a days work in the last six months and he made the most of his ‘holiday’ time to improve his golf. Gabriel Bagshaw(3) recorded two 2’s in the space of three holes – the most impressive being his eagle on the par 4 seventh hole. Joe Denman(7) and Haydn Parry(5) also played great golf.

Winning today was the Sandbach team of Mark Buckley(9) playing with his son and new father himself Andy (8) Don Phillips (12) and Ian Pezell(10). Andy and Don both birdied the index 1 hole to secure 8 points and a one shot victory . Well played lads great golf.

Thanks to all who played and for your 100% attendance. Tim
Nearest the pin 14th Dave Smith 4 feet Doz AD333
Nearest the pin 17th Ian Kingy 6 feet Doz AD333

2’s £210 3 pro v1s or 8 srixon AD333
Barney Ross Scott Mason Gav Sutcliffe Simon Moorhouse x2 Bernie Mullins Nev Sharlis Nigel Hall Bob Chesters Dave Smith (Ellesmere) x2 Dave Smith (Hale) Gabe Bagshaw x2 Andy Buckley Chris Wrighton Simon Raines Gary Byrne

Davyhulme 06-Aug-2020
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Andy Buckley, Mark Buckley, Don Philips, Ian Pezell 91 12 Footjoy Lambswool lined sweater
2 Danny Holbrook, Joe Denman, Gabe Bagshaw, Haydn Parry 90 10 Dozen Srixon z stars each
3 Gary Neiles, Joe Yates, Paul Yates, John Longworth 87 8 Under Armour shirt each
4 Jim Clarke, Chris Clarke, Georgi Clarke, Pete Ledger 87 6 Maxitours Shirt each
5 Paul Fell, Colin Bryan, Dave Cooper, Mike Lowe 87 4 Maxitours cap each
6 Mike George, Chris Icely, Gordon Tilsely, Jim Fletcher 87 2 Maxitours bag towel each
7 Steve Lamont, Pete Gold, Paul Roberts, Teddy Broadhurst 86 Maxitours bag towel each
8 Barney Ross, Billy Blissett, Rob Anderson, Scott Mason 85
9= Simon Hemsley, Ian King, Dave Woods, Joe Kirwan 84
9= Colin Roberts, Dave Mason, Andrew Williamson, Mike Webb 84
9= Gav Sutcliffe, Paul Wrigley, Nick Fallows, Steve Kilroy 84
9= Les Russon, Steve Merricks, Rob Kenyon, Ken Clarke 84
9= Barry Jackson, Derek Fortune, Dave Beavis, Steve Tate 84
9= Chris Wrighton, Dave Blease, Rob Whittle, Brian Connor 84
15= Jim Caldwell, Peter Griggs, Steve Barlow, Don Bailey 83
15= Neale Laurent, John Harrop, Paul Butler, Darren Burgess 83
15= Martin Keates, Simon Raines, Gary Byrnne, Tim Standley 83
18 Ed Pysden, Fred Bridge, Simon Moorhouse, Bernie Mullins 82
19= John Dickenson, Pete Newey, Paul Lord, Mike Dempsey 81
19= Pete Fotheringham, Andy Duncan, Nev Sharlis, Mike Priestly 81
21= John Atkin, Bob Sutton, Stuart Blake, Nel McKinlay 80
21= Sam Leach, Jim Hodges, Kevin Reeves, Bob Chester 80
21= Charlie Beadle, Gary Phillips, Peter Maher, Nigel Hall 80
24 John Hunt, Alison Shipstone, James Shipstone, Pete Leonard 79
25 Bob Pickthall, Dave Thomas, Pete Sumner, Rob Roden 78
26 Lewis Marland, Dave Greenwood, Sarah Ormrod, Tony Insely 77
27 Kev Hart, Andy Mansfield, Paul Yearsley, Jimmy Booth 76
28 Roy Ainsworth, Malc Thornily, Brian Ankers, Mike Verdon 75
29 Richard Williamson, Phil Robinson, Paul Woodbine, Dave Goodwin 74
30 Martin Bramwell, Dave Smith, Johhny Yates, Chris Brown 73
31 Jon Hudson, James Hill, Mike Hill, Andy Corner 72
32 Roger Percival, Martin France, Pete Atherton, Ed Wilkinson 71

Vale Royal start times Monday 10th Aug
8.30 Simon Hemsley x4
8.39 Colin Roberts x4
8.48 Jim Caldwell x4
8.57 Paul Gilbert x4
9.06 Jack Coleman x4
9.15 Neale Laurent x4/
9.24 Darren Booth x4
10.30 Mick Mahon x4
10.39 Mike George x4
10.48 Alan Leigh x4
11.57 Kev Hart x4
11.06 Chris Adams x4
11.15 Paul Fell x4
11.33 Mike Kirchin x4
11.42 Nigel Uttley x4
11.51 John Hilditch x3 tbc Don Campbell x1
12.00 Sean Ellam x4
12.09 Dave Monk x4
12.18 Rob Kenyon x4
12.27 Simon Poucher x4
12.36 Les Russon x4
12.45 Dave Sully x4
12.54 Bob Mottershead x4
1.03 Dave Buckley x4
1.12 Nigel Davenport x4
1.21 Paul Entwistle x4
1.30 Peter Walkden x4
1.39 Richard Blackwell
1.48 Garry Owen x4
2.06 Charlie Beadle x4
2.15 Hugh Mullin x4
2.24 Mark Saxon x4
2.33 Gary Neiles x4
2.42 Bri Hopkins x4
2.51 Paul Brown x4
3.00 eugenio x4/
3.09 Ian Neilson x2

Knutsford Start times
Tuesday 11th Aug
8.30 Simon Hemsley x4
8.39 Colin Roberts x4
8.48 Ian Hellens x4
8.57 Lewis Marland x4
9.06 Dave Buckley x4
9.15 Jim Clarke x4
9.24 Mark Hagarty x4
9.33 Roy Ainsworth x4
9.42 Neale Laurent x4
9.51 Paul Fell x4
10.00 Mick Mahon x4
10.09 Les Russon x4
10.18 Neil Macloed x4

Afternoon times
12.50 Dave Goodwin x4
12.59Simon Wilkinson x4
1.08 Richard Blackwell x4
1.17 Dave Monk x4
1.26 Pete Fotheringham x4
1.35 Al Leigh x4 tbc
1.44 Gary Neiles
2.01 Bri Hopkins x4
2.10 Steve Owen x4
2.19 Barry Jackson x4
2.39 Lee Tilley x4
2.48 Andy Hill x4