Maxitours at Leafy Lymm

Maxitours at lovely Lymm

Lymm golf course was in truly immaculate condition for today’s Maxitours event.
The course has made massive improvements in the last two years and I had lots of players raving about its’ presentation.
The Club is very forward thinking and there was a real buzz about the place today.
Bar manager Karen and her team were delighted to be kept busy and they were excellent throughout the day.

Those are the best greens I have played on this year!’ Declared Mike Lowe in the second group out this morning ‘The guys will love it out there!’

Incredibly very few of my players had experienced Lymm before and they were all asking to come back next year. ‘ Wow. I never knew Lymm was this good’ announced John Owen.

Friendly Scotsman Don Campbell is a fine two handicapper and has represented Cheshire seniors on several occasions. He is often looking for a game and helps me out sometimes if a team is short. The last two times he has played with complete strangers he has raised their game and they have finished first and second. Today I paired him up with Roy Ainsworth but not even Don could inspire this team. He was dragged down to their level and they finished a miserable 25th place.

Welshman Graham Jones is a lovely man but he missed a six inch putt on the 17th hole. As his teams worst performer he had to buy the drinks. Things went from bad to worse.
He walked around the clubs one-way system and was about to order the drinks when he realised he had forgotten his face mask.
He had to get one from his golf bag so did another circuit of the Clubhouse and once again started to place his long order. Unfortunately, the welsh accent combined with the mask meant the bar man couldn’t make out what he was saying.
‘Sorry sir can you repeat that?’
‘Bloody hell I’ve forgotten!’ And he set off on the one way system for his 3rd and final lap.

It was great entertainment – right up my street George.

The stunning greens and fast running fairways saw the average score in the mid 80’s which is the best of the year and a testament to the quality of green keeping.

Martin France and his local team were just out of the prizes after scoring just two points on their final hole. The green resembles a Pringle crisp and they were spending their prize money with several missed putts.

Simon Hemsley’s team were first out and they set the early pace with a terrific 89 points this led for most of the day until the Denton quartet of Garry Owen(10), Alistair Holloway(13), Josh Forster(9) and Lewis Ramsden(13) came in with 91 points. Garry is a performance analyst for the British Olympic taekwondo team and he couldn’t fault the performance of his guys today. They scored eight points on their closing hole as fitness paid off. Brilliant.

Thanks for your integrity everyone -100% attendance YET AGAIN.
Yours in golf, Tim

13th Richard Payne 32inchs Doz AD333
17th Pete Jordan 4.5 feet Doz Ad333

2’s £180 4 pro v1s or 12 AD333 per two Richard Payne Martin Humphries Josh Forster Pete Jordan Joel Hunter Hugh Mullin x2 Simon Raine Marti France Roger Percival Paul Robinson Gary Brooks Les Penson Dave Stewardson

Lymm 15-Sept-2020
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Garry Owen, Lewis Ramsden, Alistair Holloway, John Forster 91 12 Cleveland wedge each
2 Simon Hemsley, Gareth Bradley, Joe Kirwan , Ian King 89 10 Dozen Srixon z star each
3 Rob Parry, Martin Firth, Joel Hunter, Adam Brindle 89 8 Dozen Srixon z star each
4 Paul Fell, Colin Bryan, Mike Lowe, Martin Humphries 87 6 Maxitours shirt each
5 Martin Keates, Simon Raine, John Owen, Dave Rimmer 87 4 Maxitours cap each
6 Dave Griffiths, Andy Hall, Mike Fenton, Chris Bracchi 87 2 Maxitours bag towel each
7= Lewis Marland, Paul Robinson, Steven Schofield, Phil Dickens 86
7= Roger Percival, Martin France, Pete Atherton, Ed Wilkinson 86
7= Hugh Mullin, Steve Latchford, Dave Bowers, Paul Sherlock 86
10= Gary Neiles, John Longworth, John Morton, Paul Yates 85
10= Paul Browne, Ted Barker, Dale Wallace, Steve Snape 85
10= Dave Stewardson, Chris Fellowes, Neigel Bowe, Simon Wells 85
13= Jim Clarke, Pete Ledger, Chris Clarke, Georgie Clarke 84
13= Paul Verdon, Andy Mansfield, Neil Farrow, John Pearson 84
15= Gareth Winstone, Jim Beck, John Lester, Sally Lester 83
15= Andy Moon, Barry Rigby, Gordon Warke, Stewart Cragg 83
17= John Johnston, Chris Chidley, Peter McIntyre, Duncan Cameron 82
17= John Hudson, Mike Hill, Rob Blaine, Gary Brooks 82
17= Nick Cook, Darren Whittaker, Neil Worthington, Steve Marsh 82
20= Brian Greenbank, Dave Wainwright, Greg Davison, David Rodwell 81
20= Pete Short, Karl Marginson, Rhoddri Giggs, Alan Vaughan 81
20= Mike Kirchin, Mike Wilkinson, Warren Bridge, Brian Fleetwood 81
23= Les Russon, Ken Clarke, Rob Kenyon , Rob Harris 77
23= Graham Pike, Nigel Davenport, Jeremy Lawton, Nigel Eckersley 77
25 Don Campbell, Roy Ainsworth, Mike Verdon, Steve Collier 75
26 Ed Pysden, Simon Moorhouse, Bernie Mullins, Richard Payne 74
27 Tony Doyle, Cliff Dews, Rex Taylor, Jeff Francis 73
28= Neale Laurent, Mark Turner, Craig Tinto, Alf Shillitoe 72
28= Les Penson, Chris Darlington, Mark Hazeltine, Paul Salt 72
30 Peter Main, John Farnsworth, Dave Westwood, Martin Kane 71

Hopwood start sheet

10.00 David Kelly x4
10.10 Simon Hemsley x4
10.20 Jijm Caldwell x4
10.30 Mike George x4
10.40 Rob Platt x4
10.50 Jack Coleman x4
11.00 Chris Chidley x4
11.10 Dave Goodwin x4
11.20 Neil Laurent x4
11.30 Mick Mahon x4
11.40 John Hilditch x4
11.50 Jim Clarke x4
12.00 Ian Hellens x4
12.10 Tim Spencer x4
12.20 Sam Leach x4
12.40 John Hunt x4
12.50 Les Russon x4
1.00 Andrew Cox x4
1.10 Xentum x4
1.20 Barry Simpson x4
1.30 Simon Poucher x4
1.40 Dave Buckley x4
1.50 Richard Blackwell x4
2.00 Chris Gregory x4
2.10 Kev Hart x4 Nick Cook
2.20 Steve Foxcroft x4
2.30 Charlie Beadle x4
2.40 Pete Fotheringham x4
2.50 Tom Baker x4
3.00 Lee Tilley x4