Magnificent Manchester results

Maxitours at magnificent Manchester Golf Club

The weather was once again kind to Maxitours players today.
Wall to wall sunshine and a gentle breeze always shows a golf course off to its very best and Hopwood was stunning today. Twelve deer live in the middle of this course and they were spotted strutting around the 14th hole by several players- beautiful.

The day started well with Clubhouse manager Steve Fleck and his staff on top form.
‘They serve brilliant bacon butties here. If the golf is half as good I’ll be happy!’ Announced Mark Saxon.
The reports from my players were indeed excellent.
‘It was a pleasure to be out there!’ Complimented Alderley Edge legend Stuart Hall.
‘That is a terrific course!’ Praised Christie Beakey who travels from Matlock to play this great track each year.

Some players were delayed due to a crash near Stockport. As it was pairs I managed to do a bit of shuffling. Jim Hodges has to put up with Jonny Barton each week but because he was stuck in on the motorway for an hour I teamed him up with 2 complete strangers ‘Every cloud has a silver lining ‘ Hodges chuckled.

Thanks to everyone for being so understanding and great to deal with.

Don’t ever get stuck in a pub with two electricians. Paul Woodbine has a successful commercial electrician company and he checked in at the same time as highly rated leccy Paul Hammond.
I introduced them to each other – twenty minutes later they were still talking about route 3, thyrestos and DC drives to each other. The registration queue was half way around the clubhouse.

Chris Chidley hit a career shot to within a foot of the hole on the 225 yard 16th. ‘I had no idea where the flag was -I can’t see that far ‘ He admitted afterwards.

Average golfer Norrie Irwan never gets a mention but he scored 5 points on the 14th hole today and wants some lime light. Well done Norrie.

Maxitours sponsor Adam Carolyn from XENTUM is a great bloke and he scored ten points on his first three holes, partner Joe Stanley played the tough closing holes under par and the Knutsford duo were delighted to take 8th place.

Bramalls Peter Maher (17) and Gary Phillips (20) had a strong finish to their round to take 3rd place.
Dentons Craig Tinto (13) and Jack Foster (22) closed with two battling pars into the Rochdale breeze to take a career best 2nd place.

Forty years ago yesterday John Hilton won the European table tennis championship He eclipsed that achievement today with his first Maxitours win of the season. His partner Andy Faulkner normally plays very unsuccessfully with Maxitours legend Mick Mahon but needed a new partner today. Faulkner made a birdie for 4 points on the 1st and the chemistry flowed. They scored 25 points on the front nine and a super 46 points total win by one.

Well played guys great scoring on a tough golf course.
Thanks to everyone for your support,

2’s sweep £197.50 4 pro v1s or 10 srixon ad333 per 2
John Broomhead Liam Kettle Stuart Hall Doug Poole John Hunt Phil Young Rob Kenyon Brendan Lieghton Dave Buckley Pete Stuart Steve Foxcroft Brad Grime Nigel Hall Dean Jagger
On Tuesday I missed off Maxitours favourite -Roy Ainsworths two. Sorry Roy- great birdie.

Nearest the pin 13th 6.5 feet Brendan Leighton Doz AD333
Nearest the pin 16th 1 foot Chris Chidley Doz AD333

Hopwood 17Sep-2020
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 John Hilton, Andy Faulkner, , 46 12 Maxitours wheeled travel holdall each
2 Craig Tinto, Jake Foster, , 45 11 Dozen Pro V1 each
3 Peter Maher, Gary Phillips, , 44 10 Maxitours FJ shirt each
4 John Broomhead, Tom Broadhead, , 44 9 Dozen Srixon z star each
5 Phil Robinson, Richard Williamson , , 43 8 Dozen Srixon z star each
6 Richard Blackwell, Andy Hamlett, , 43 7 Maxitours shirt each
7 Charlie Beadle, Nigel Hall, , 43 6 Maxitours shirt each
8 Adam Carolyn, Joe Stanley, , 43 5 Callaway shirt each
9 Brendan Leighton, Dave Carlisle, , 43 4 Maxitours cap each
10 Chris Chidley, Duncan Cameron, , 42 3 Maxitours cap each
11 John Farnsworth, Richard Palmer, , 42 2 Maxitours bag towel each
12 Leo Sewell, Liam Kettle, , 42 1
13= Mike Lowe, Martin Humphries, , 42
13= Brad Grime, Tim Royle, , 42
15= Dave Goodwin, Paul Woodbine, , 41
15= Mark Saxon, Paul Higgs, , 41
15= Neale Laurent, Mark Turner, , 41
15= Chris Gregory, Christie Beakey, , 41
15= Tom Baker, Paul Kilner, , 41
20= Munro Donald, Dave Westwood, , 40
20= Norrie Irwan, Paul Hammond, , 40
22= Paul Fell, Colin Bryan, , 39
22= Jimmy Booth, Neal Farrow, , 39
22= Pete Fotheringham, Mike Priestley, , 39
25= Chris Icely, Gordon Tilzey , , 38
25= Jim Caldwell, Peter Griggs, , 38
25= Ian King, Al Demmy, , 38
25= Denis O’Neill, John Hunt, , 38
25= Jonny Barton, Mike Hammond, , 38
25= Gary Whittaker, Rob Kenyon, , 38
25= Jim Hodges, Chris Walley, , 38
32= Jim Clarke, Chris Clarke, , 37
32= Stuart Hall, Ian Cartwight, , 37
32= Harvey Mattinson, Steve Mattinson, , 37
32= Simon Hemsley, Chris Church, , 37 Dozen Srixon z star each
32= Alison Shipstone, James Shipstone, , 37
32= Koos Alders, Marc Morris, , 37
32= Dave Buckley, Simon Probert, , 37
32= John Makin, Pete Stuart, , 37
32= Phil Smeathers, Steve Foxcroft, , 37
41= Rob Platt, Gary Youall, , 36
41= Bob Sutton, Stuart Blake, , 36
41= Graham Jackson, Pete Ledger, , 36
41= John Hilditch, JP, , 36
41= Doug Poole, John Egerton, , 36
41= Phil Young, Rick Shaw, , 36 Maxitours cap each
41= Simon Poucher, Terry Crewe, , 36
48 Trevor Webb, David Wilkinson, , 35
49= Mike George, Kristian Icely, , 34
49= John Atkin, Neil McKinlay, , 34

Helsby start sheet
Thursday 24th September

9.55 Simon Hemsley x4
10.04 Colin Roberts x4
10.13 Jim Caldwell x4
10.22 Ed Pysden x4
10.32 Gary Neiles x4
10.42 Lewis Marland x4
10.51 Mick Mahon x4
11.00 Martin Bramwell x4
11.09 Chris Adams x4
11.18 Al Leigh x4-
11.27 Jim Clarke x4
11.36 Mike George x4
11.45 Neil Higgins x4
11.54 Gareth Winston x4
12.03 Richard Blackwell x4
12.11 Bob Pickthall x4
12.20 Paul Fell x4
12.29 Les Russon x4
12.38 John Hunt x4
12.46 Roy Ainsworth x4
12.55 Dave Sully x4
1.05 Dave Buckley x4
1.14 Andy Strickley x4
1.22 Jim Rymer x4
1.30 Jon Hudson x4
1.40 Neale Laurent x4
1.49 Graham Pike x4
1.58 Kev Hart x4
2..05 Pete Cotton x4
2.16 Pete Fotheringham x4
2.24 Gary Philips x4
2.32 Dave Goodwin x4
2.41 Lee Tilley x4
2.50 Bri Hopkins x4
2.59 Tom Baker x4