Maxitours at The Mere

Terrific Summer Schedule released next week!

Maxitours at The Mere

The Mere staff gave us a very warm welcome to Maxitours players today. This is a wonderful venue and everyone enjoyed themselves.

The course was incredibly dry considering yesterday’s drenching and it was great to see the ball rolling on the firm fairways.

Sam Leach was back playing with his usual very unsuccessful team. ‘I thought I would be able to shake them off during lockdown but they are all back’ He complained. He wasn’t surprised to finish 25th.

Scoring from most teams was excellent on the shortened course and Wilmslows’ Jim Caldwell(13) took the early lead playing alongside James Cash (1) Steve Barlow (6) and Bob Pickthall(18). They had 87 super points.

Earning their first win for over two years was Lee Tilleys’ (9) Saddleworth team. Dave Sarsfield (22) and Dave Rhodes(24) both had four point hauls and Ex Wigan Rugby league Chairman Norbury(24) also chipped in when required. Well played chaps great golf.

Many thanks for your amazing support this year I hope you all have a very safe Christmas and manage to spend some quality time with your family and friends.

Yours in golf and friendship.

Nearest the Pin 8th Paul Woodbine 3ft Dozen AD333
Nearest the pin 14th Nigel Armitage 4ft Dozen AD333

2’s sweep £177.50 4 prov1s 10 srixons
James Cash Dave Harlow Neil Edwards Paul Woodbine Jon Beesley Tim Potter Mike Picton Lee Tilley Chris Lee John Fitzsimmons Paul Yearsley

The Mere 17-Dec-2020
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Pete Norbury, Lee Tilley, Dave Rhodes, Dave Sarsfield 89 12 Maxitours lined sweater each
2 Jim Caldwell, Bob Picthall, James Cash, Steve Barlow 87 10 Maxitours FJ shirt each
3 Phil Robinson, Paul Woodbine, Richard Williamson, AN Other 86 8 Maxitours shirt each
4 John Wallis, John Moorfield, David Tongue, Mark Pasquail 86 6 Maxitours shirt each
5 Paul Yates, John Longworth, Gary Neiles, Joe Yates 85 2 Maxitours towel each
6= Simon Hemsley, Ian King, Joe Kirwan, Gareth Bradley 84
6= Jim Clarke, Chris Clarke, Pete Ledger, Graham Jackson 84
6= Martin Humphries, David Hest, Adrian Btrown, Paul Fell 84
6= Steve Aspinall, Graham Wilkinson, John Fitzsimmons, Alan Simpson 84
10 Dave Parry, Neil Edwards, Ste Woods, Jimmy Shirley 83
11= Jason Atherton, Chris Bland, Joshua Woods, Adie Price 82
11= Roger Percival, Martin France, Ed Wilkinson, Andy Wright 82
11= Ashley Elliot, Bob Eastwood, Mike Lamb, Mark Clewley 82
11= Kev Hart, Andy Mansfield, Jimmy Booth, Paul Yearsley 82
15= Jim Cox, Ian George, Steve Jenkinson, Colin Gallimore 81
15= Gary Brash, Tim Potter, Mike Picton, Jimmy McEwan 81
15= Paul Fell, Colin Bryan, Mike Lowe, Nigel Ashton 81
18= Adam Carolan, Shuan Mudalige, Jon Beesley, Rob Sims 80
18= Lewis Marland, Steve Schofield, Paul Robinson, Phil Dickens 80
18= Les Russon, Steve Merricks, Rob Kenyon, Ken Clarke 80
18= Dave Westwood, Richard Palmer, Munro Donald, Andy Faulkner 80
18= Chris Lee, Steve Heywood, Neil Coverley, Graham Davenport 80
18= Neil Worthington, Martin Keates, Darren Whittaker, Steve Marsh 80
24 Colin Roberts, Dave Marchant, David Mason, Nigel Armitage 79
25= Stuart Blake, Dave Harlow, David Wilkinson, Jonty Geake 77
25= Neale Laurent, Garteth Winston, John Harrop, Craig Tinto 77
25= Sam Leach, Jonny Barton, Jim Hodges, ChriscWalley 77
28 Nigel Davenport, Graham Pike, Nigel Eckersley, Jeremy Lawton 71