The Xentum Maxitours Summer Schedule 2021

Dear Maxitours Golfer,

Many thanks for your continued support of Maxitours in this, the strangest of years. I really hope your golf has given you some much needed pleasure!

Thank you for your superb etiquette, quick pace of play and most importantly your integrity in playing in the true spirit of the game which is so important to the success of the tour. I have really got to know all my players and feel that I have a very special clientele . I always get remarks from Secretaries and Stewards on what a nice bunch of golfers you are.

I am delighted to announce the 2021 Maxitours schedule. Despite having to overcome some Covid issues I will always continue to try and provide my players with the best golf, on the best courses, at the best prices.

We are so fortunate to be able to play this terrific game.

Good luck this coming season.

Yours in Golf,

Ps The Moorland Classic and Summer Classic are two day events but Order of Merit points and Prizes are awarded each day as lots of teams may only wish to play one of the events.
Pps The Welsh Classic – Teams must play both days- Priority will be given to last years teams- please let me know asap if you wish to play.

Maxitours – XENTUM – Summer Schedule 2021
Mon 03rd May Preston 10am-3pm AM AM £25.00
Tues 11th May Romiley 10am-3pm AM AM £25.00
Moorland Masters
Weds 19th May Pleasington 9.30am-3pm AM AM £27.50
Thurs 20th May Bolton Old Links 10am-3pm AM AM £25.00
Tues 25th May Bramall Park 10am-3pm AM AM £25.00
Weds 02nd June Vale Royal 8.30am-3pm AM AM £25.00
The Welsh Classic
Mon 07th June Conwy 10am-3pm AM AM £65.00
Tues 08th June North Wales 10am-3pm AM AM
Thurs 17th June Hazel Grove 10am-3pm AM AM £25.00
Weds 23rd June Bromborough 9.30am-2.48pm AM AM £27.50
Thurs 01st July Davenport 10am-3pm Pairs £25.00
Mon 05th July Lancaster 10am-3pm AM AM £27.50
Weds 14th July Pleasington 9.30am-3.15pm AM AM £27.50
Thurs 22nd July Hopwood TBC 10am-3pm AM AM £27.50
Tues 27th July Lymm TBC 10am-3pm AM AM £25.00
Weds 04th Aug Vale Royal 8.30am-3pm AM AM £25.00
Summer Classic
Tue 10th Aug Cavendish 10.00am-3pm AM AM £25.00
Thurs 12th Aug Ringway 9.00am-3pm AM AM £27.50
Mon 16th Aug Stockport 9.00am-3pm AM AM £27.50
Thurs 26th Aug Davyhulme 10am-3pm AM AM £25.00
Mon 30th Aug Clitheroe 10am-3pm AM AM £25.00
Mon 06th Sept Preston 10am-3pm AM AM £25.00
Thurs 16th Sept Hopwood TBC 10am-3pm Pairs £27.50.
Thurs 23rd Sept Helsby 10am-3pm AM AM £25.00
Mon 27th Sept Leigh 9am-2.30pm AM AM £25.00
Fri 08th Oct Vale of Llangollen 9.00am-2.30pm AM AM £25.00
Maxitours Charity Day
Thurs 14th Oct Prestbury 9am-2pm AM AM £200 / team
Mon 18th Oct Stockport 8.30am-2pm AM AM £27.50

5 thoughts on “The Xentum Maxitours Summer Schedule 2021

  1. Hi Tim
    Please put me down for a 4 ball (about 11.30am please) for
    11th May Romily
    17th June Hazel Grove
    22nd July Hopwood
    4th August Vale Royal
    23rd Sept Helsby
    Nigel Uttley

  2. Tim I see that two games are on 3rd May and 30th August. These are bank holidays . I assume this is intended . Would have booked both if they had not been.

    Can I book please

    1.19th May Pleasington 2. 2nd June Vale Royal 3. 23rd June Bromborough 4. 22nd July Hopwood 5. 10th August Cavendish 6. 6th September Preston 7. 8th October Stockport



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  3. Hi Tim, If possible I’d like to book pile of tees for 2021- so here goes; May: preston and Bolton defo, can provide make romiley too. June: be happy to do Welsh classic if any spare space, but defo brombrough please loved it there this year. July; lancaster Aug: ringway and stockport, clitheroe too if poss Sept: helsby

    Cheers John N 07917720392

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  4. Tim

    In case my summer bookings went astray. There is a change of date for Hogwood to 19th July which is fine.

    Edward >

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