Results from brilliant Pleasington

Space for 1 team now in the welsh Classic at super Conwy and North Wales!!!

Maxitours at Pleasington
After watching last nights excellent forecast I was really looking forward to a stress free day at beautiful Pleasington. Three inches of hailstones then decided to fall on Maxitours competitors in the space of twenty minutes. It took an hour or so to clear but our players were eventually rewarded with a great days golf on one of the finest inland courses in Lancashire.

The staff at Pleasington were excellent throughout the day. The menu has slightly more than average golf club prices but you pay for quality and the food was superb.

In todays event Simon Burgess’ Bramhall team finished in 3rd with an excellent 86 points but they dropped a costly shot over the closing holes.
The view from the clubhouse is excellent and I enjoy watching the various chipping and putting techniques on offer. Kev Hart hit an excellent shot from 50 yards to within a foot. Playing partner Andrew Mansfield was struggling up the fairway then hit a chip which bounced off Kevins’ ball into the hole for an unlikely par. Kevin tapped his in for a team total of 6 points to secure second place.
Sandiways’ Gary Neiles has been out of the prizes in recent months but he was back on form today. His team had 44 points on the tough back nine and a couple of chip ins on their back nine moved them up the leaderboard late in the day. Well played chaps.

The report is shorter than usual as I have a busy day tomorrow!!

Nearest the Pin 16th Mick Mahon Dozen Wilson Duo
Nearest the pin 18th Moby Rawthore Dozen Wilson Duo

2’s £200 8 pro V1s or 18 srixon AD333 John Farnsworth Paul Fell x2 Dave Wainwright Lindon Stott David Kelly Garry Smith Mark Drabble

Pleasington 19-May-2021
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Gary Neiles, Jimmy Ainscough, Mike Brannigan, John Morton 87 12 FJ Chill out/o FJ lined sweater
2 Andrew Mansfield, Kevin Hart, Pete O’Neill, Paul Yearsley 87 10 Maxitours lined sweater
3 Simon Burgess, Chris Unsworth, Mark Drabble, Paul Lambert 86 8 Under Armour shirt each
4 Mick Mahon, John Farnsworth, Richard Palmer, Dave Westwood 85 6 Maxitours shirt each
5 Jack Coleman, Steve Mattinson, Will Knowle, Neil Mower 85 4 Maxitours cap each
6 John Linsky, Mike McKenna, Barry Wilson, Simon Wilkinson 83 2 Maxitours cap each
7 Bob Pickthall, Rob Roden, Dave Thomas, Pete Sumner 82
8= Lewis Marland, Steve Schofield, Phil Dickens, Paul Robinson 81
8= Richard Blackwell, Garry Smith, Alex Jerman, John Hilton 81
10= Paul Fell, Paul Mullen, Colin Bryan, Mike Lowe 80
10= Nigel Jenkins, Dave Wainwright, Brian Greenbank, Howard Gill 80
12= Lee Tilley, Dave Sarsfield, Dave Rhodes, Pete Norbury 79
12= Roger Percival, Martin France, Paul Robinson , Dave Waldron-K 79
12= Joe Kirwan, Mike Spencer, John Owen, Ian King 79
15 Steve Lamont, Eugenio Fernandez, John Rowles, Paul Roberts 78
16 Steve Blakeway, Josh Street, Norrie Irwin, Les Penson 77
17= Stewart Cragg, Stuart Roach, Alan Green, Colin Lynch 76
17= Janet Heywood, Chris Lee, Richard Wakefield, John Nuttall 76
17= Paul Lord, Lindon Stott, Pete Newey, Mike Dempsey 76
17= Simon Poucher, Dave Carlisle, Neil Simpson, Pete Middleton 76
21= Dave Buckley, Graham Campbell, John Kelly, John Horton 75
21= Gary Phillips, David Kelly, Patricia Phillips, Peter Maher 75
23 Darren Whittaker, Moby Rawthore, Tony Ramatowski, Pete Myers 74
24 Paul Woodbine, Dave Goodwin, Pete Woodbine, Phil Robinson 72
25 Ed Pysden , Simon Moorhouse, Fred Bridge, Henry Petrie 70
26 Mark Hagarty, Simon Ledger, Steve Grimoldby, Ronnie Moore 69
27 Sean Haskins, Jim Hodges, Chris (Ian) Walley, Jonny Barton 66

Bramall Park times Tuesday 25th May
11.30 Simon Hemsley x4
11.38 Colin Roberts x4
11.46 Jim Caldwell x4
11.55 Jim Clarke x4
12.04 Roy Ainsworth x4
12.12 Lewis Marland x4
12.20 Steve Aspinall x4
12.29 Dave Buckley x4
12.38 Gary Phillips x4
12.47 Neale Laurent x4
12.56 Mick Mahon x4
1.04 Paul Fell x4
1.12 Martin Humphries x4
1.20 Jack Coleman x4
1.28 Dean Jagger x4?
1.36 Roger Percival x4
1.44 Sam Leach x4
1.53 Ian Hellens x4
2.02 Dave Sully x4
2.10 Les Russon x4
2.19 Paul Evansx4
2.26 Steve Lamont x4
2.35 Dave Goodwin x4
2.44 Jim Rymer x4
2.53 Richard Blackwell x4
3.01 Mike George x4
3.10 Martin Bramwell x4
3.18 Andrew Cox x4
3.27 Andrew Hill x4
3.35 Gary Neiles x4
3.43 Kev Hart x4
3.51 Steve Marsh x4
3.59 Lee Tilley x4
Russell Sollit x4
Graham Pike x4