Maxitours at beautiful Bramall Park

Maxitours at beautiful Bramall Park

A rain free day greeted us at Bramall Park. I love this golf course which sits proudly in the wealthy Stockport suburbs.

Despite more heavy overnight rain the greens were excellent and running at a lovely pace.

‘They are definitely the best greens I have played on all year.’ Declared Martin Humphries who plays at least three opens each week.
‘Considering the recent weather the course was superbly presented’. Reported Graham Minton. Thanks to all the greens staff for their work.

Head pro Craig Daggitt is a friend of mine and runs a tight ship. He can’t be more helpful and has a brilliant shop for his members. The clubhouse also keeps getting better and there was a real buzz about the place as I did my report at 8.30pm. There must have been forty people enjoying food, drink and company – what a great golf club.

Tony Evans is a great bloke from Alsager. We always have a good laugh. His team today contained officially the worst player ever to play in a Maxitours event -Stuart Hibbert who has a handicap of 34.
High handicappers normally sound alarm bells as they have the potential to score heavily but Tony assured me that they only invite Stuart to play because he drives and he has a nice big car for golf clubs. Sure enough they were hopeless.

Apologies to Jack Coleman- a really lovely man who has suffered years of Maxitours abuse with bottom of the leaderboard performances. Last week he was class however and had a career best finish 4th place after some wonderful golf. Unfortunately, I was in a rush and he didn’t even get a mention in the report. Sorry Jack. Today he finished 2nd from last.

Roy Ainsworth has been out of the prizes for a couple of years, every week he searches high and low to find a winning team. Today he couldn’t even remember one of his team mates names.
‘I’m not sure but think I found him on the Tinder website. ’ Chuckled Roy.
The team finally clicked and they were delighted to finish in 2nd place. Adam Princep (2) Mike Verdon (15) and new guy Nigel Clapham (20) all contributed well as they racked up 84 points.

Winning today were crazy Microlite flying Les Penson(19), Paul Salt (18) Steve Gowry(2) and Conor Graham(8) all from Heyrose. Holes 10-12 at Bramall Park are really tough but Graham played them in two under which is exceptional. The only problem is that he works for the dark side (American Golf- so may not be eligible to win a prize.) Apart from that he is a nice guy.

Thanks to everyone for your 100% attendance once again today- superb.

Yours in golf, Tim

Nearest the Pin 4th Steve Aspinall Dozen AD333
Nearest the pin 15th Phil Stevenson Dozen AD333

2’s sweep £215 4 pro v1s or 10 srixon AD333
Mike Verdon Steve Aspinall Phil Stevenson Colin Bryan Josh Brand Andrew Hill x3 Karl Allen Steve Heywood Martin Bramwell Andy Mansfield Conor Graham

Bramall Park 25-May-2021
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Les Penson, Paul Salt, Steve Gowry, Conor Graham 88 12 Galvin Green shirt each
2 Roy Ainsworth, Adam Princip, Kigel Clapham, Mike Verdon 84 10 Maxitours Footjoy shirt each
3 Andy Buckley, Will Davies, Danny Hough, Richard Thomas 84 8 Under Armour shirt each
4 Neale Laurent, Mark Ellam, John Harrop, Steve Shields 83 6 Maxiyours shirt each
5 Andrew Mansfield, Kevin Hart, John McAtee, Paul Yearsley 83 4 Maxitours cap each
6 Colin Roberts, Alan Turner, Dave Marchant, Andy Williamson 83 2 Maxitours cap each
7 Dean Jagger, Phil Stevenson, Andy Dunster, Matt Chapman 83
8= Jim Clarke, Chris Clarke, Pete Ledger, Graham Jackson 82
8= Roger Percival, Pete Atherton, Ed Wilkinson, Josh Brand 82
8= Steve Heywood, Chris Lee, Graham Davenport, David Bodgers 82
11 Andrew Hill, Karl Hill, Steve Mobley, Dave Mobley 81
12= Nigel Hall, David Kelly, Charlie Beadle, Peter Maher 79
12= Martin Bramwell, Andy Veitch, Peter Veitch, Chris Brown 79
12= Sam Leach, Jim Hodges, Chris Walley, Jonny Barton 79
12= John Barnes, Dave Sarsfield, Dave Rhodes, Pete Norbury 79
12= Richard Blackwell, Garry Smith, Paul Robinson, John Hilton 79
17 Simon Burgess, Les Russon, Steve Merricks, Dave Fidler 78
18= Steve Aspinall, Alan Simpson, Graham Willkison, John Fitzsimmons 77
18= Paul Fell, Nigel Ashton, Colin Bryan, Mike Lowe 77
20= Bob Pickthall, Steve Broom, Jerry Salmon, Dave Thomas 76
20= Lewis Marland, Steve Schofield, Phil Dickens, Paul Robinson 76
20= Martin Humphries, Stewart Cragg, Keith Shale , Ian Venables 76
20= Mike George, Stan Devlin, Tim Tighe, Mark Clare 76
24 Gary Neiles, Paul Yates, John Longworth, Joe Yates 74
25 Jim Rymer, Dave McDougall, Phil Woollam, Bob Mottershead 71
26 Jack Coleman, Steve Mattinson, Anthony Bloor, Mike Gauden 69
27 Rick Shaw, John Kilpatrick, Richard Cooper, Russ Sollitt 68

Vale Royal start times
8.28 Simon Hemsley x4
8,36 Colin Roberts x4
8.44 Kev Hawkins x4
8.52 Dave Monk x4
9.00 Garry Owen x4
9.08Neil Laurent x4
9.16 Mark Phillips x4
9.24 Bob Pickthallx 4
10.30 Steve Aspinall x4
10.39 Jack Coleman x4
10.48 Gary Phillips x4
10.57 Lewis Marland x4
11.06 Mick Mahon x4
11.15 Paul Fell x4
11.24 Martin Humphries x4
11.33 John Hilditch x4
11.42 Andrew Cox x4
11.50 Rob Harris x4
11.58 Roger Percival x4
12.07 Sam Leach x4
12.16 Tim Spencer x4
12.24 Bob Eastwood x4
12.33 Ian Hellens x4
Dave Goodwin x4
12.42 Dave Sully x4
12.51 Les Russon x4
Andy Buckley x4
1.00 Dave Buckley x4
1.09 Martin Bramwell x4
1.18 Pete Walkden x4
1.27 Pete Walters x4
1.36 Simon Poucher x4
1.45 Richard Blackwell x4
1.54 Jon Hudson x4
2.03 Jim Rymer x4
2.12 David Smith x4
2.21 John Wallis x4
2.33 Gary Neiles x4
2.41 Kev Hart x4
2.50 Pete Dolan x4
2.59 Steve Marsh x4
3.08 Lee Tilley x4