Maxitours results from Superb Vale Royal

Next week – Welsh Classic Monday/Tuesday Then Bolton Old Links on Friday(times below).

*Room for 1 team in Wales! And space for 2 teams at Bolton. Space at Hazel Grove 17th June.

Maxitours at superb Vale Royal

Seven days ago the last Maxitours event took place in cold, damp conditions. What a difference a week can make. Firm fairways, lightening fast pure greens and Mediterranean temperatures saw Summer finally arrive.

‘That is my favourite course’ Announced Steve Heywood. ‘Brilliant day!’

‘Wow, this place just gets better. The greens were outstanding.’ Reported knowledgeable Andy Veitch.

Thanks to superb General Manager Ian Embury all his bar staff for serving my guys so efficiently throughout the day. I saw plenty of Stella making its way to the outside tables.

Karen Gallagher did a great job running my event this morning. Martin Humphries is a lovely man and always sits down right next to me and has a chat each week when he checks in. I was very relieved to hear him say that he thought Karen was much better looking than me.

John Linsky was playing bad golf. He couldn’t buy a par. Things got even worse when team mate Dave Monk’s thinned chip across the 14th green rattled into his calf muscle. Hobbling John then parred the next two holes.

Kev Hart knows even less about football than he does about golf.

Team mate Paul Yearsley asked him who he thought would win the Euros.

‘I don’t know.’ Replied Kevin. ‘Who’s playing?’

Scoring was excellent as players made the most of the brilliant greens and playing from yellow tees.

The fairways were running so fast even Paul Robinson drove the 3rd green and made a lovely eagle.

Denton quartet Gary Owen(9) Alistair Holloway (13) Lewis Ramsden (12) and Josh Forster (7) had a terrific 89 points to take 3rd

The Hopwood/North Manchester team of Paul Lord(5) Gary Hornby(14) Tony Senior (12) and Mathew Tench(12) had a slow start with 41 points on the front nine- they caught fire on the back nine with 48 points to secure 2nd place on the card play-off.

Arthur Albiston(12) appears in the new Man United documentary featuring Eric Cantona . It was Albiston who was the king today after making a superb birdie on the index 1 twelfth hole to help his side achieve a 90 point total. Kevin Hawkins (10) Gary Milne(8) and Brian Monks (3) completed the team. Well played chaps great score.

Nearest the pin 10th Sam Leach Dozen Wilson Duo

Nearest the pin 16th Pete Walters Dozen Wilson Duo

2’s sweep £235 6 pro v1s or 14 AD333

Kevan Hawkins Alistair Holloway Paul Robinson Simon Wilkinson Dave Westwood Martin Humphries John Horton Brendan Leighton Neil Simpson Simon Poucher Neil Worthington

Sandiway 15-Dec-2017
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Kevan Hawkins, Arthur Albiston, Gary Milne, Brian Monks 90 12 Galvin Green top each
2 Paul Lord, Gary Hornby, Tony Senior, Mathew Tench 89 10 Maxitours sweater each
3 Gary Owen, Alistair Holloway, Lewis Ramsden, Josh Forster 89 8 Under Armour shirt each
4 Simon Hemsley, Joe Kirwan, Dave Woods, Ian King 88 6 Maxitours shirt each
5 John Harrop, Chris Clough, Barry Lees, John Hartley 86 4 Maxitours cap each
6 Darren Whittaker, Tony Taylor, Neil Worthington, Johnny Eccles 85 2 Maxitours cap each
7 John Wallis, Tom Milner, Dave Tonge, Graham Bailey 85 Maxitours cap each
8= Robbie Alexander, Colin Bryan, Steve Parry, Mike Lowe 84
8= Steve Aspinall, Jeremy Roylance, Barry Wellings, Graham Wilkinson 84
8= Richard Blackwell, Andy Hamlett, Don Campbell, John Hilton 84
8= Lee Tilley, Dave Sarsfield, Dave Rhodes, Pete Norbury 84
12= Lewis Marland, Steve Schofield, Paul Robinson, Phil Dickens 83
12= Jon Hudson, Mike Hill, Rob Blaine, Gary Brooks 83
14= Gary Phillips, Pete Maher, Charlie Beadle, Nigel Hall 82
14= Simon Poucher, Neil Simpson, Brendan Leighton, Dave Carlisle 82
16= Bob Pickthall, Dave Thomas, Steve Lamont, Paul Roberts 81
16= Rob Harris, Ged Keary, Steven Sheard, Paul Waring 81
16= Sam Leach, Jim Hodges, Chris Walley, Sean Haskins 81
16= Pete Dolan, Brian Hitchen, Jim Doran, Peter Daniels 81
20= Dave Monk, Barry Wilson, John Linsky, Simon Wilkinson 80
20= Mick Mahon, John Farnsworth, Richard Palmer, Dave Westwood 80
20= John Hilditch, Simon Walton, Paul Smith, Leo Sewell 80
20= John Cox, Paul Clatterbuck, David Robertson, Peter Ellis 80
20= Richard Williamson, Phil Robinson, Paul Woodbine, Dave Goodwin 80
20= Bob Eastwood, Mike Lamb, Mark Clewley, Ashley Elliott 80
20= Kev Hart, Dean McFadden, Paul Yearsley, John McAtee 80
27= Neale Laurent, Alf Shillitoe, John Lester, Sally Lester 79
27= Roger Percival, Martin France, Pete Atherton, Ed Wilkinson 79
27= Steve Heywood, Dave Sully, Denis Boud, Janet Heywood 79
27= Martin Bramwell, Andy Veitch, Chris Brown, Ian Goulty 79
31 Les Penson, Paul Salt, Josh Street, Stephen Gowrie 78
32= Colin Roberts, Dave Marchant, Paul Robinson, Charles W-Kelly 77
32= Martin Humphries, John Murphy, Dave Hest, Keith Shale 77
32= Pete Walters, Andy Millington, Steve Iredale, Trevor Rathbone 77
35 Rob Kenyon, Simon Burgess, Gary Whittaker, Steve Merricks 76
36= Mark Saxon, Paul Higgs, Tim Spencer, Ron Sloane 75
36= Joe Yates, Paul Yates, Ben Hinchcliffe, John Longworth 75
38 John Horton, Peter Willacot, Geoff Allcock, Steve Tyler 70
39 Jack Coleman, Mike Gauden, Steve Mattinson, Harvey Mattinson 67

Bolton Old Links start sheet Friday 11th June.

9.04 Simon Hemsley x4

9.12 Colin Roberts x4

9.21 Paul Gilbert x4

9.30 Wayne Harper x4

9.38 Nigel Jenkins x4

9.47 Dave Buckley x4

9.56 Gary Phillips x4

10.04 Neale Laurent x4

10.13 Mick Mahon x4

10.21 Paul Fell x4

10.30 John Newton x4

10.39 John Hilditch x4 in

10.47 Dave Monk x4

10.56 Peter Cotton x4

11.04 Steve Marsh x4

1.04 Sam Leach x4 in

1.12 James Wilson x4 in

1.21 Ian Hellens x4 in

1.30 Les Russon x4

1.39 Percival x4

1.48 Kev Hart x4

1.57 Paul Rudkin x4

2.06 Simon Poucher x4



2.31 Mike George x4

2.42 Simon Ashton x4

2,51 Lee Tilley x4

3.00 Gary Neiles x4 in

3.09 Barry Jackson x4

3.18 Pete Dobson x4


Pete Moores x4

Andy Adshead x4