Maxitours at classy Conwy

Space for 1 team at Bolton this Friday 11th June.

Room for 2 geams at Hazel Grove on Thursday 17th June. Both courses are terrific at the moment

Maxitours at Conwy

A brilliant day at Curtis Cup hosting and Open Qualifying venue Conwy today. This course is a classic.

The green keeper and his staff were up early this morning mowing greens and fairways in preparation for our event. Thank you for the immaculate presentation.

‘I’ve never seen it this good!’ Declared Graham Jackson.

Keep your eye on Colin Roberts tonight he could end up anywhere. He even turned up at North Wales golf club early this morning. Staff and caterers were horrified when he told them that 140 golfers would be arriving. North Wales is tomorrow Colin.

Phil Dickens started playing bad golf 42 years ago and today he had his first ever hole in one. Well done Phil. There are 140 golfers out in Llandudno tonight so get your wallet out. For those who don’t know him Phil is 5’10, grey hair and looks a bit scruffy.

Leading the way is Carden Parks Paul Fell(7) Colin Bryan(9) Mike Lowe(9) and Ian Venables(16). They had 83 points just dropping a shot on the short 6th hole in a great team effort. Kev Harts Davyhulme team is 2nd and Lewis Marlands Heyrose team lies in 3rd. and Bob Eastwoods Bramall team are surprising everyone in 5th place.

Nearest the pin 2nd Doz Wilson Duo Hole in one!! Phil Dickens

Nearest the pin 15th Doz Wilson Duo Ashley Elliott

2’s sweep

£255 6 pro v1 or 14 srixon AD333

Paul Fell Richard Palmer Munro Donald Jim Kenyon Liam Rex David Kelly Sarah Ormrod Mike Verdon Adam Princep John McAtee x2 (impressive) Gary Owen Paul Robinson

Conwy 7-June-2021
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1= Paul Fell, Ian Venables, Mike Lowe, Colin Bryan 83
1= Kev Hart, Dean McFadden, Paul Yearsley, John McAtee 83
3 Lewis Marland, Dave Greenwood, Sarah Ormrod, Phil Dickens 82
4 Gary Owen, Alistair Holloway, Mark Bone, Alan Gale 81
5 Bob Eastwood, Mike Lamb, Mark Clewley, Ashley Elliott 80
6 Joe Stanley, Adam Carolan, Jim Kenyon, Richard Page 79
7 Richard Harper, Darren Jones, Steve McGuire, Mark Hoyland 78
8 Barry Simpson, Martin Cox, Koos Alders, Marc Morris 76
9= Steve Heywood, Dave Sully, Donna Sully, Janet Heywood 75
9= Kev McEvoy, Graham Jackson, Alison Calderbank, Pete Ledger 75
9= Chris Adams, Andy Oakes, Colin Upton, Simon Golsby 75
12= Neale Laurent, Paul Butler, Paul McDermott, John Harrop 74
12= Jim Caldwell, Russell Cash, Peter Griggs, James Cash 74
14 Gav Sutcliffe, Paul Wrigley, Gary Hornby, Brett Sutcliffe 73
15= Liam Rex, Steve Fairclough, Nigel Curran, Tracey Taylor 72
15= Steve Aspinall, Jeremy Roylance, Barry Wellings, Graham Wilkinson 72
17= Colin Roberts, Dave Marchant, Nigel Armitage, Dave Mason 71
17= Pete Birtwistle, Chris Bracchi, Kenny Stevens, Dave Griffiths 71
17= Steve Shields, Micky Byrne, John Cunningham, John Hartley 71
20= Munro Donald, Swamy Narayama, Simon Raine, Andy Faulkner 69
20= Dave Blood, Andy Sandham, Ian Smith, Lolo Williams 69
20= Dave Woods, Rob Higginbotham, Seb Etchells, Jamie Prentice 69
23= John Owen, Richard Pimlott, Ian Bartholomew, Tony O’Gara 68
23= Mike Verdon, Brian Ankers, Steve Collier, Adam Princep 68
23= Steve Schofield, Paul Robinson, Alan Gibson, Rick Northover 68
26 Mick Mahon, John Farnsworth, Richard Palmer, Dave Westwood 67
27= Simon Hemsley, Gareth Bradley, Charlie Bradley, Joe Kirwan 66
27= David Kelly, Stuart Blake, Bob Sutton, David Willkinson 66
27= Pete Dolan, Brian Hitchen, Jim Doran, Peter Daniels 66
30 Nigel Davenport, Eddie Ellis, Jeremy Lawton, Tony Tighe 65
31= Mike Spencer, Darren Whittaker, Nigel Hall, Simon Allport 64
31= Paul Rudkin, Mike Lomax, Craig Gorton, Peter Burns 64
33 Gary Phillips, Pete Maher, Dave Kelly, Charlie Beadle 63
34 Nigel Eckersley, Graham Pike, Rob Sims, Ian Ritchie 62
35 Dave McDougall, Jim Wood, Tom Johnson, Phil Woollam 61