results from formidable Fairhaven

Maxitours at formidable Fairhaven

Another top golf course hosted Maxitours today. When Justin Leonard is the course record holder (he shot 64 in Open qualifying at Fairhaven in 1996) you know you are playing at a class venue.

The course was in excellent condition and the green keeper ensured that the greens were double cut and rolled for us first thing this morning.
‘Those greens were superb!’ Declared Mike Fenton ‘And very quick in places!’ He added.
‘They are tremendous surfaces for November- really excellent’ Reported Fred Swift.

Legendary course architect and three-time Open winner James Braid together with J H Steer designed and landscaped the course creating the hills hollows and superb bunkers which characterise the Fairhaven layout and make it so enjoyable to play.

The Fairhaven logo is a pheasant and you will always bump into a few on the Golf course -especially if you are regularly in the rough. Richard Blackwell is on first name terms with a few after his round today. The Club professional in the late 60’s -Bill Miller – befriended a couple and they became popular with the members as they wandered in and around his pro shop. Being a true golf professional and spotting a business opportunity when he sees one Bill introduced the pheasant on the clubs merchandise. Sales went through the roof and since then the clubs association with pheasants has steadily grown.

History lesson over.

Every year at this time of the season when the shotgun starts begin I am never ceased to be amazed when somebody always asks this question. Sean Davies was at it today.
‘Who tees off first in a shotgun start is it team ‘A’ or ‘B’? ‘
Have a wild guess Sean.

A healthy sea breeze is usually the defence of the course but today benign cloudy conditions and yellow tees meant scoring was going to be excellent. A lot of players were surprised however that 85 points was good enough for first place!

Davyhulmes Paul Yearsley(8), Kevin Hart(11), Andrew Mansfield(14) and Deam McFadden(14) took 3rd place but were beaten on the card play off by Joe Stanley(scr), Adam Carolan(7), Jim Kenyon(8) and Shaun Mudalige(14) who took 2nd place. Both teams had excellent 84 point hauls. Team Captain and all around nice guy Adam Carolan was delighted to play in less than 4 hours. It meant he could have a burger and chips in the clubhouse after his round and he would still be able to enjoy his pie and chips for supper tonight.

Winning today were the Prestbury Golf Club millionaire bankers. Chris Adams(11) Andy Oakes(7) Nick Hargreaves(11) and Peter Atherton(5). The team were cruising on the front nine but picked up just two points on the 15th (their 16th) as they started struggling under the intense Maxitours pressure. Andy Oakes steadied the ship with a quality par on the tough 16th and two closing threes on the short 17th was enough for victory. Well played chaps.

Thanks to everyone for your 100% attendance. What a great day.

Nearest the pin 10th Dozen Wilson Duo Graham Jackson
Nearest the pin 17th Dozen Wilson Duo Phil Harris
2’s sweep £122.50 3 pro V1 or 8 srixon AD333
Chris Bracchi Jim Kenyon x2Phil Harris x2 Pete Atherton Paul Fell Anthony Kenny Steve Schofield Chris Lee

Fairhaven 9-Nov-2021
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Chris Adams, Nigel Oakes, Nick Hargreaves, Peter Atherton 85 12 Maxitours FJ Chillout top
2 Adam Carolan, Shaun Mudalige, Jim Kenyon, Joe Stanley 84 10 Maxitours FJ shirt each
3 Kev Hart, Andy Mansfield, Dean McFadden, Paul Yearsley 84 8 Callaway Shirt each
4 Les Russon, Simon Burgess, Rob Kenyon, Steve Merricks 83 6 Maxitours Cap each
5 Jim Clarke, Georgie Clarke, Pete Ledger, Graham Jackson 83 4 Maxitours scorecard holder
6 Simon Hemsley, Gareth Bradley, Chris Church, Ian King 83 2
7= Richard Blackwell, John Hilton, Steve Austin, Sarah Greenwood 82
7= Neale Laurent, Chris Burnett, Paul McDermott, John Harrop 82
9 Chris Bracchi, Mike Holmes, Don Milligan, Mike Fenton 81
10= Dave Goodwin, Phil Robinson, Peter Griggs, Richard Williamson 80
10= Martin Humphries, Willy Gruber, Paul Fell, Joyce Larkin 80
10= Mick Mahon, John Farnsworth, Richard Palmer, Dave Westwood 80
13= Les Penson, George Kerr, Phil Harris, Simon McCoy 78
13= Gary Owen, Alistair Holloway, Anthony Kenny, Mark Bone 78
15= Steve Aspinall, Colin Berry, Graham Wilknson, Alan Simpson 77
15= Gary Neiles, Paul Yates, Joe Yates, John Longworth 77
17= Lewis Marland, Phil Dickens, Sarah Ormrod, Nick Ford 75
17= Stuart Blake, Kim Blake, David Wilkinson, Graham Pike 75
17= Steve Heywood, Janet Heywood, Chris Lee, Graham Davenport 75
17= Dave Monk, Bill Davies, Mike McKenna, Ken Boothy 75
21 John Williams, Nigel Ashton, Mike Lowe, Colin Bryan 72

Mottram Hall start times Thursday 18th November 11am shotgun
1a Paul Fell x4
1b Sam Leach x4
2a Kev Hart x4
2b Gary Neiles x4
3 Martin Humphries
4a Neale Laurent x4
4b Lewis Marland x4
5a Ian Hellens x4
5b Roger Percival x4
6 Richard Blackwellx4
7 Les Russon x4
8a Steve Marsh x4
8b Lee Tilley x4
9a Dave Goodwin x4
9b Mick Mahon x4
10a Simon Hemsley x4
10b Colin Roberts x4
11 Dave Sully x4
12a Dave Blood x4
12b Jim Clarke x4
13a Steve Aspinall x4
14 Martin Bramwell x4
1a John Hunt x4
1b John Hilditch x4
15 Andy Dunster x4
16 M Hill x4
17a Pete Roche x8
17b Pete Roche x8
18a Gary Owen x4
18b Ian Snape x4

res Lewis Marland x4
Tom Williams x4