The Exciting Xentum Summer Schedule 2022

Dear Maxitours players,

I hope you are looking forward to your golf this Summer. Here is the exciting Xentum Summer Tour schedule for 2022.

Your unrivalled etiquette and integrity each year mean we are welcomed back to so many great courses. Thank you very much indeed.

There are twenty six high quality venues on the rota including five ‘Mackenzie’ designed courses – Bolton Old Links, Reddish Vale, Cavendish, Hazel Grove and Bramall Park- which are always a treat to play.

New venues Astbury and Crewe are two lovely Cheshire Clubs which will strengthen the schedule. We look forward to visiting them this year.

Roll on the Summer!

Yours in golf,

Maxitours – XENTUM – Summer Schedule 2022
Fri 06 May Preston 9.30am-3pm AM AM £25.00
Tues 10th May Bramall Park 10am-3pm AM AM £27.50
Thurs 12th May Bolton Old links 10am-3pm AM AM £25.00
Thurs 19th May Ringway 9am-3pm AM AM £27.50
Tues 24th May Romiley 10am-3pm AM AM £25.00
Mon 30th May Davyhulme 9.30am-2.30pm AM AM £25.00
The Welsh Classic
Mon 06th June Conwy 10am-3pm AM AM £67.50
Tues 07th June North Wales 10am-3pm AM AM
Thurs 16th June Hazel Grove 10am-3pm AM AM £25.00
Weds 22nd June Bromborough 9.30am-2.48pm AM AM £30.00
Weds 29th June Vale Royal 8.30am- 3pm AM AM £25.00
Fri 08th July Lancaster 10am-3pm AM AM £30.00
Thurs 14th July Hopwood 10am-3pm AM AM £30.00
Thurs 21st July Helsby 10am-3pm AM AM £25.00
Tues 26th July Lymm 10am-3pm AM AM £25.00
Thurs 04th Aug Knutsford 8.30am-3pm AM AM £25.00
Summer Classic
Tue 9th Aug Crewe 10.00am-3pm AM AM £25.00
Thurs 11th Aug Astbury 10.00am-3pm AM AM £27.50
Mon 15th Aug Stockport 9.00am-3pm AM AM £30.00
Mon 22nd Aug Bramall 10am-3pm AM AM £27.50
Thurs 01st Sept Davenport 10am-3pm AM AM £25.00
Thurs 06th Sept Cavendish 10am-3pm AM AM £25.00
Thurs 13th Sept Leigh 10am-3pm AM AM £25.00
Mon 21st Sept Vale Royal 9am-2.30pm AM AM £25.00
Thurs 29th Sept Hopwood 9am-2pm AM AM £30.00
Fri 07th Oct Vale of Llangollen 9am-2.30pm AM AM £25.00
Thu 13th Oct Reddish Vale 9am-2pm AM AM £25.00

Mon 17th Oct Stockport 8.30am-2pm AM AM £30.00
Maxitours Charity Day

Thurs 20th Oct Prestbury 9am-2pm AM AM £200 / team

3 thoughts on “The Exciting Xentum Summer Schedule 2022

  1. Hi Tim,some good venues again,we’ll done,put me down for all please,A merry Christmas and a prosperous new year to you and yours,regards Colin

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  2. Thanks Tim. Could you please put our names down for the Welsh classic? Many thanks in advance. Koos

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  3. Hi Tim, hope your all well and recovered now. Per below, my top of mind wish list is as follows, i will circulate to the guys too so may add more.

    bolton 12/5 conwy 6/7 (happy to do juts this or both) bromborough 22/7 stockport 15/8 cavendish 6/9

    Happy as usual to take up and late vacancies too.

    Cheers J

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