Maxitours at classy Conwy

*Please check tomorrows times below which may have changed by a few minutes.

First day of the Welsh Classic

Perfect golfing conditions greeted the full field of Maxitours competitors at Conwy today. A championship standard golf course with superbly rolling fairways and receptive greens ensured a great day would be had by all.

What a great course!

Conwy is used as a training base for a few national teams and at 8am this morning the Switzerland national girls team teed off in front of our players. Graham Kershaw couldn’t believe how simple and effortless the swings were. Graham was fascinated especially as he is regularly told that his own swing has more moving parts a Swiss watch.

Conwy is a class venue and they even hand out a little sheet with pin positions on. Stuart Hibbert hits about three greens in regulation a year so he decided to help the environment by saving paper and declined the sheet.

Boris Johnson might get just away with his ‘confidence vote’ from members of parliament tonight. Dave Griffiths is definitely in trouble though as the members of his team tonight are definitely voting no confidence in their man after his poor showing today.

The only time Paul Robinson has ever hit the pin was when he wasn’t looking where he was going on the putting green and walked into it a few weeks ago. Today he had an outer body experience and played some terrific golf. He nearly holed his tee shot on the 15th and the flagstick kept it out. He did make a great two to add to the one he made on the 13th – excellent golf Paul, well done.

A gentle breeze meant the course was playing as easily as you could imagine however Conwy is never easy.

There were three teams from Prestbury playing today and John Owens team- the least wealthy of the three are lying in 3rd with 84 points alongside Dukinfields Neale Laurent and his team.

Dentons Gary Owen and his team lie in 2nd with 85 points but leading the way in the two-day event is Kevin Hart and his Davyhulme team who scored a tremendous 48 on the tough front nine before battling home in 40 points.

A big Monday night out in Llandudno has scuppered many a teams’ chances over the past few years and these lads know how to enjoy themselves…

Have a great night guys.


Pro tip of the day: stay away from Wetherspoons

Nearest the pin 2nd Chris Burnett Dozen AD333

Nearest the pin 15th Jim Doran Dozen AD333

2’s sweep £207.50 3 pro v1s

Steve Best Liam Rex Richard Harper x2 Joe Kirwan Dave Sully Janet Heywood Dave Sully Peter Maher Nigel Koenan Steve Schofield Paul Robinson x2 Mike Dempsey Rob Sims Paul Yearsley Simon Goalsby Chris Burnett Mark Phillips Paul Yearsley

Conwy 6-6-2022
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Kev Hart, Paul Yearsley, Andy Mansfield, Dean McFadden 88
2 Gary Owen, Mark Bone, Allaster Holloway, Tony Gale 85
3= Martin Keates, John Owen, Steve Best, Steve Parton 84
3= Neale Laurent, Paul Butler, John Harrop, Chris Burnett 84
5 Chris Adams, Nick Hargreaves, Pete Atherton, Andy Oakes 83
6= Liam Rex, Steve Fairclough, Phil Vaughan, Steve Lawrence 82
6= Richard Harper, Darren Jones, Steve McGuire, Mark Hoyland 82
8= Colin Roberts, Dave Mason, Carl Deaville, Dave Marchant 81
8= Pete Dolan, Brian Hitchen, Keith Park, Jim Doran 81
10= Munro Donald, Andy Faulkner, Keiran McDonnell, Robbie Russell 80
10= Dave Blood, Andy Sandham , Mark Coulson, Lolo Williams 80
12= Mick Mahon, Dave Westwood, Richard Palmer, John Farnsworth 79
12= Simon Hemsley, Ian King, Gareth Bradley, Joe Kirwan 79
12= Barry Simpson, Martin Cox, Roger Linphatott, Marc Morris 79
12= Gaz Winston, Chris Clough, Mark Phillips, Gareth Kershaw 79
16 Steve Schofield, Paul Robinson, Alan Gibson, Malc Dore 78
17= Mike Spencer, Simon Allport, Darren Whittaker, Jon Roland 77
17= Paul Fell, Colin Bryan, Nigel Ashton, Mark Hughes 77
17= Pete Newey, Mike Dempsey, Philip Sellen, Hamish Ogilvie 77
20 Paul Rudkin, Craig Gorton, Graham Butler, Fhris Wrighton 76
21= Bob Eastwood, Mike Lamb, Ashley Elliott, Mark Clewley 75
21= Janet Heywood, Steve Heywood, Donna Suly , Dave Sully 75
21= Jeremy Lawton, Ian Ritchie, Ed Wilkinson, Nigel Davenport 75
21= Steve Aspinall, Colin Berry, Neil Bibby, John Lynsky 75
25 Rob Sims, Tom Roe, Andrew McIlvenny, James Clarke 74
26= Peter Maher, Ross Bunting, Jonny Reeves, Nigel Koenan 73
26= John Atkin , Bob Sutton, David Wilkinson, Richard Massey 73
26= Phil Dickens, Sid Cobain, Tony Inesly, Neil Evans 73
26= Steve Shields, Michael Burn, Mark Ellam, Barry Sidebotham 73
30= Nigel Eckersley, John Winstanley, Jim Kenyon, Adrian Alvez 72
30= Mike McGoun, Rick Page, Graham Pike, Tony Tighe 72
30= Dave Griffiths, Kenny Stephens, Pete Birtwistle , Roger Arnold 72
33 Paul Evans, Tony Evans, Dave Pearson, Stuart Hibbert 63

North Wales day 2 times 8.30 -3pm

8.30 David Kelly x4

8.38 Chris Adams x4

8.47 Paul Rudkin x4

8.56 Simon Hemsley x4

9.05 Colin Roberts x4

9.14 Bob Eastwood x4

9.22 Mike Spencer x4

9.31 Martin Prescott x4

9.40 Paul Fell x4

9.49 Mick Mahon x4

9.58 Munro Donald x4

10.06 Dave Sully x4

10.15 Martin France x4

10.24 Richard Harper x4

10.33 Dave Goodwin x4

10.42 Paul Evans x4

10.51 Liam Rex x4

11.00 John Owen x4

11.08 Pete Maher x4

11.17 Steve Schofield x4

11.29 Barrie Simpson x4

11.38 Pete Newey x4

11.47 Dave Blood x4

11.55 Pete Dolan x4

12.04 Neil Laurent x4

12.13 Gareth Winstone x4

12.22 Steve Shields x4

12.30 Kev Hart x4

12.39 Jeremy Lawton x4

12.48 Jim Kenyon x4

12.57 Adam Carolan x4

1.06 Jeremey Lawton x4

1.15 Steve Aspinall x4

1.24 Phil Dickens x4

1.42 Dave Griffiths x4

1.51 Garry Owen x4