Maxitours at delightful Davyhulme Park

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Maxitours at delightful Davyhulme

An early morning rain storm delayed the start at Davyhulme but once play was underway the golf course was enjoyed by all. The greens were superb and this golf course is a real pleasure to play.

‘I look forward to playing here all year!’ Announced Maxitours regular Martin Humphries ‘It is the most enjoyable course we play all year, great holes, always in great condition and a very easy walk as well.’

Unlucky Jim Lindsay is a lovely bloke but his team struggled all day and finished in last place. To sum it all up he hit his best shot of the day on the 12th hole only to see a crow pick it up and fly away to a nearby tree. The crow actually pecked at his two playing partners balls before deciding that Jim’s ball was the tastiest.

Scoring was excellent on the pure greens.

Likeable Simon Poucher(10) (known as ‘aqua man’ to his golfing friends after losing plenty of balls in the drink on a recent trip to Turkey) led his team into 4th place with a solid 86. The team finished strongly recording three birdie twos on the back nine short holes. Big Dave Carlile(11) was immense picking up seven shots for his team.

The home Davyhulme team of low handicappers Dave Blease(3), Karl Marginson(4), Luke Connor(5) and Dave Lowe (5) had a solid performance with 87 points to take 3rd place.

Second place and just narrowly missing out on victory with a card play off was Neale Laurent(12) John Harrop (6) Lee Merson (1) and Peter Hoctor(11). They dropped two shots on the 17th which proved to be very costly.

Winning on the back nine was Birchwoods’ vice-Captain Simon Wilkinson(6) Gerry Salmon (13) Pete Abbott (11) and John Fitzsimmons (5). They also dropped a shot on the 17th but scraped home with 45 points on their back nine.

Well played chaps great score.

Thanks to everyone for your support,


2’s Sweep £170  3 pro v1 or 6 srixon

Peter Hoctor Neale Laurent John Fitzsimmons Roger Percival Ed Wilkinson Paul Fell Janet Heywood Mark Hagarty Tom Tighe Stan Devlin Neil Pemberton Andy Buckley x2 Steve Nulty Simon Poucher Brendan Lieghton Dave Carlile Haydn Parry Dave Wright

Nearest the pin 1st Roger Percival Dozen AD333

Nearest the pin 17th Haydn Parry Dozen AD333

Davyhulme Park 30-May-2022
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Simon Wilkinson, Gerry Salmon, Pete Abbott, John Fitzsimmons 89 12 Maxitours chill out top
2 John Harrop, Neale Laurent, Lee Merson, Peter Hoctor 89 10 Maxitours FJ shirt each
3 Karl Marginson, Dave Blease, Dave Lowe, Luke Connor 87 8 Callaway shirt each
4 Simon Poucher, Neil Simpson, Brendan Lieghton, Dave Carlile 86 6 Callaway shirt each
5 Tim Spencer, Paul Higgs, Mark Saxon, Barry Pendlebury 85 4 Maxitours bag towel each
6 Roger Percival, Tim Blackshaw, Pete Atherton, Ed Wilkinson 84 2 Maxitours bag towel each
7= Mick Mahon, Dave Westwood, Richard Palmer, John Farnsworth 82
7= Paul Fell, Colin Bryan, Nigel Ashton, Mike Lowe 82
9= Jim Clarke, Graham Jackson, Mark Hagarty, Dave Greenwood 81
9= Janet Heywood, Steve Heywood, Christine Clarkson, Denis Boud 81
9= Barry Jackson, Steve Tate, Chris Lane, Dave Wright 81
12= James Shipston, Denis O’Neill, John Hunt, Alison Sahipstone 80
12= Peter McEllerney, Alan Owens, Keith Swindells, Keith Berry 80
12= Mike George, Mark Clare, Tim Tighe, Stan Devlin 80
12= Gary Neiles, Bill Telford, Paul Halewood, Alan Giles 80
16 Martin Humphries, Des Kelly, Paul Webb, Keith Shale 79
17 Phil McCurry, Tom Faulkner, Paul Robinson, Neil Pemberton 78
18= Colin Roberts, Andy Williamson, Dave Mason, Nigel Armitage 77
18= Lewis Marland, Phil Dickens, Tony Inesly, Neil Evans 77
18= Chris Brown, Martin Oldfield, Vic Strata, Ian Macklin 77
21= Sam Leach, Chris Walley, Sean Haskins, Jim Hodges 76
21= Andy Buckley, Dave Buckley, Simon Maxwell, Simon Preston 76
23= John Atkin , Graham Pike, David Wilkinson, David Arthur 75
23= Danny Holbrook, Joe Burnham, Matt Warburton, Haydn Parry 75
25= Dave Goodwin, Pete Fotheringham, Dave Snape, Phil Robinson 74
25= Rob Harris , Bob King, Steven Ross, Ged Keary 74
27 Gary Phillips, Charlie Beadle, Pete Maher, Nigel Hall 71
28 Jim Lindsay, Steve Nulty, Ged Nulty, Andy Stapley 62

Conwy start times Monday 6th June

10.08 Simon Hemsley x4 £50

10.16 Bob Eastwood x4 £50

10.24 Mike Spencer x4 £50

10.35 Colin Roberts x4 £50

10.43 Paul Fell x4 £50

10.52 Mick Mahon x4 £50

11,01 Munro Donald x4 £50

11.09 Dave Sully x4 £50

11.18 Richard Harper x4 £50

11.27 Paul Evans x4 £50

11.39 Liam Rex x4 £50

11.48 John Owen x4 £50

11.57 Pete Maher x4 £50

12.06 Steve Schofield x4 £50

12.15 David Kelly x4 £50

12.24 Barrie Simpson x4

12.33 Pete Newey x4 £50

12.42 Dave Blood x4 £50

12.51 Pete Dolan x4 £50

1.00 Jeremy Lawton x4 £50

1.09 Jim Kenyon x4 £50

1.18 Adam Carolan x4 £50

1.27 Steve Aspinall x4 £50

1.36 Phil Dickens x4 £25

1.45 Andrew Cox x4 £50

1.54 Ian Reece x4 tbc

2.03 Dave Griffiths x4 £100

2.12 Steve Shields x4 £50

2.21 Neale Laurent x4 £50

2.30 Gareth Winston x4 £50

2.39 Chris Adams x4 £50

2.48 Kev Hart x4

3.07 Paul Rudkin x4 £50

3.16 Garry Owen x4 £50

3.25 Jim Caldwell x4 £50

3.32 Martin Prescott x4 confirmed

North Wales day 2 times 8.30 -3pm

8.30 David Kelly x4

8.40 Jim Caldwell x4

8.50 Paul Rudkin x4

9.00 Simon Hemsley x4

9.08 Colin Roberts x4

9.16 Bob Eastwood x4

9.24 Mike Spencer x4

9.35 Martin Prescott x4

9.44 Paul Fell x4

9.53 Mick Mahon x4

10.02 Munro Donald x4

10.11 Dave Sully x4

10.20 Martin France x4

10.28 Richard Harper x4

10.37 Dave Goodwin x4

10.46 Paul Evans x4

10.55 Liam Rex x4

11.04 John Owen x4

11.12 Pete Maher x4

11.20 Steve Schofield x4

11.29 Barrie Simpson x4

11.38 Pete Newey x4

11.47 Dave Blood x4

11.55 Pete Dolan x4

12.04 Neil Laurent x4

12.13 Gareth Winstone x4

12.22 Steve Shields x4

12.31 Jeremy Lawton x4

12.39 Jim Kenyon x4

12.48 Adam Carolan x4

12.57 Jermey Lawton x4

1.06 Steve Aspinall x4

1.15 Phil Dickens x4

1.24 Andrew Cox x4

1.33 Ian Reece x4

1.42 Dave Griffiths x4

1.51 Chris Adams x4

2.00 Kev Hart x4

2.18 Garry Owen x4