Results from lovely Leigh

*Portugal January 2023 is full apart from Colin Roberts requiring 2 players and another team requiring a single player – let me know if you want to join this fabulous trip*

Vale Royal next Weds – full – remember 2 weeks notice if you need to cancel – thanks for your continued integrity.

Winter schedule released later this week.

Maxitours at lovely Leigh

Perfect weather and an immaculate golf course greeted Maxitours players at Leigh this morning.

The course is really enjoyable to play with plenty of interesting short holes and then it bites back with five tough closing holes. The fairways and greens were blemish free and really blooming after the weekend downfalls.

‘That golf course was incredible!’ Declared Saddleworths Dave Sarsfield.

.’It is so well presented.’

The day started badly when I loaned my glasses to ‘wide headed’ Neale Laurent so he could check handicaps on his phone. They will never be the same again. Things improved when I saw the crisp selection behind the bar. There are a maxitours record 12 varieties on offer. Wotsits and monster munch were the biggest sellers today but it was Dave English who was quavering as he missed his 18 inch put for a two on the15th.

Scoring was very close with John Longworth(11), Paul Hurst(11), John Morton (11) and Gary Neiles(4) from Sandiway taking third on 86 points.

Wilmslows Jim Caldwell(8)Peter Griggs(11) Dave Thomas (14) and Dan McIntyre(11) took 2nd. A terrific birdie at the last from Dan was crucial as they recorded 87 points.

Winning on a back nine card play off was Knutsford father and son Jim (9) and Chris(6) Clark, Graham Jackson(11) and Pete Ledger(16). Chris was the main man as he played the first eight holes three under par. A solid 43 points on the back nine was good enough to secure the win. Well played chaps.

Thanks to everyone for your support today.


Nearest the Pin 7th Keith Berry Doz AD 333

Nearest the pin 12th Gary Smith Doz AD333

2’s £112.50 4 pro v1s or 10 srixon ad333

Damon Slater Chris Clarke Graham Jackson Pete Ledger Alison Shipstone George Kerr Keith Berry Dave Sarsfeld

Leigh Golf Club 13-Sep
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Jim Clarke, Chris Clarke, Graham Jackson, Pete Ledger 87 12 Maxitours Chill out top
2 Jim Caldwell, Dave Thomas, Dan McIntyre, Peter Griggs 87 10 Dozen Taylor made TP5 each
3 Billy Coleman, Lee Tilley, Dave Sarsfield, Dave Rhodes 86 8 Callaway shirt each
4 Gary Neiles, John Longworth , Paul Hurst, Henry Melrose 86 6 Callaway shirt each
5 Bernard Walsh, Nick Pedley, Darren Rigby, Neil Riding 84 4 Maxitours bag towel each
6 Colin Roberts, Dave Marchant, Bob Sinclair, Carl Deaville 82 2 Maxitours bag towel each
7 Neale Laurent, Paul Butler, Chris Burnett, Alf Shillitoe 81
8= Alan Simpson, Ken Booth, John Fitzsimmons, Steve Aspinall 79
8= John Hunt, Alison Shipstone, James Shipstone, James Brown 79
10 Richard Blackwell, John Hilton, Nigel Hallows, Gary Smith 78
11= Mick Mahon, Dave Westwood, John Farnsworth, Richard Palmer 76
11= Dave Goodwin, Dave Snape, Paul Woodbine, Richard Williamson 76
13= Bob Pickthall, Steve Lamont, Pete Gold, John Hume 75
13= Dave Cooper, Ian Ogden, Nigel Ashton, Colin Bryan 75
15 Jon Hudson, Rob Blain, Mark Pretty, Mike Hill 74
16 Steve Heywood, Graham Davenport, Denis Boud, 73
17 George Kerr, John Bradbury, Paul Salt, Phil McCurry 72
18= Sam Leach, Kevin Reeves, Bob Chester, Jim Hodges 71
18= Peter McElkerney, Keith Berry, Keith Swindell, Alan Owen 71
20 Pete Hall, Mike Hall, Roy Naylor, Steve White 68

Vale Royal start sheet

Weds 21st September

8.30 Simon Hemsley x4

8.39 Colin Roberts x4

8.48 Ed Pysden x4

8.57 Dave Goodwin x4

9.06 Geoff Bickerton x4

9.15Paul Fell x4

9.24 Martin Humphries x4

10.30 Neil Laurent x4

10.39 John Hilditch x4

10.48 Jim Clarke x4

10.57 Steve Aspinall x4

11.06 Mick Mahon x4

11.15 Gary Butler x4

11.24 Dave Monk x4

11.33 Sam Leach x4

11.42 Gary Phillips x4

11.51 Steve Hall x4

12.00 Simon Poucher x4

12.09 Neil Tanner x4

12.18 Martin Byatt x4

12.27 Andrew Cox x4

12,36 Kev Hart x4

12.45 Anton Johnson x4

12.54 Dave Sully x4

1.03 Roger Percival x4

1.12 Ian Hellens x4

1.21 Les Russon x4

1.30 Richard Blackwell x4

1.39 Jim Rymer x4

1.48 Gary Neiles x4

1.57 Lee Tilley x4

2.06 Phil Harris x4

2.15 Eugenio Fernandez x4

2.24 Pete Walters x4

2.33 Alan McNeil x4

2.42 Paul Browne x4

2.50 Nigel Davenport x4

2.59 Darren Jones x4