The new 2023 Maxitours Xentum Summer Schedule!

Dear Maxitours player,

Here is the terrific new Maxitours Summer Schedule for 2023 sponsored by Xentum!

I am delighted to be holding 29 events on the best courses the North West has to offer.

Thanks to your reliability and integrity the tour continues to grow and I am regularly complimented on what a terrific group we are.

My tour is open to all recognized golf club members with active handicaps, who play in the correct spirit and uphold the traditions of the game.

Please book early as many of these events fill up quickly.

I hope you have a great 2023 on and off the golf course!

Thanks for your continued support.

Yours in golf,


Maxitours – XENTUM – Summer Schedule 2023
Fri 05th May Preston 10am-3pm AM AM £25.00
Tues 09th May Bramall Park 11am-4pm AM AM £27.50
Thurs 18th May Bolton Old Links 10am-3pm AM AM £25.00
Thurs 25th May Ringway 9am-3pm AM AM £27.50
Weds 31st May Vale Royal 8.30am-3.15pm AM AM £27.50
The Welsh Classic
Mon 05th June Conwy 11am-4pm AM AM £70.00
Tues 06th June North Wales 10am-3.30pm AM AM
Fri 9th June Davyhulme 10am-3.30pm AM AM £25.00
Thurs 15th June Hazel Grove 10am-3.15pm AM AM £25.00
Weds 21st June Warrington 10am-3pm AM AM £25.00
Tues 27th June Davenport 10am – 3.15pm AM AM £25.00
Fri 07th July Lancaster 10am-3pm AM AM £30.00
Thurs 13th July Hopwood 10am-3pm AM AM £30.00
Thurs 20th July Helsby 9.30am-3pm AM AM £25.00
Weds 26th July Bromborough 10am-3pm AM AM £30.00
Tues 01st Aug Lymm 10am-3pm AM AM £25.00
Tues 8th Aug Romiley 9.30am-3pm AM AM £25.00
Mon 14th Aug Stockport 9am-3pm AM AM £30.00
Mon 21st Aug Bramall 9am-3pm AM AM £27.50
Thurs 31st Aug Astbury 9am-2pm AM AM £27.50
Tues 05th Sept Cavendish 10am-3pm AM AM £27.50
Tues 12th Sept Chorley 10am-3pm AM AM £25.00
Weds 20th Sept Vale Royal 8.30am-3.15pm AM AM £27.50
Thurs 28th Sept Hopwood 10am-3pm AM AM £30.00
Fri 06th Oct Vale of Llangollen 9am-2.30pm AM AM £25.00
Thurs 12th Oct Reddish Vale 9am-2pm AM AM £25.00
Mon 16th Oct Stockport 9am-2pm AM AM £30.00
Thurs 26th Oct Formby Hall 9am-2pm AM AM £30.00
Thurs 02nd Nov Crosland Heath 9am-2.30pm AM AM £25.00

4 thoughts on “The new 2023 Maxitours Xentum Summer Schedule!

  1. Thanks Tim

    Hope you have a very happy Christmas with your family. 


    div>We look forward to a gre

  2. Hi Tim, looking at x1 a month booked in but will be available as stand in regularly too.

    Ideally something like;

    May – Preston May 5th

    June – would love the welsh classic but know you get booked up, so failing that warrington 21st or Hazel grove 15th

    July – Bromborough 26th (maybe also Lancaster)

    Aug – Astbury – can’t wait to go back

    Sept – cavendish 5th

    Oct – 1. Reddish 12th or 2. Stockport Nov – crossland too

    Cheers J

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  3. Hi Tim, it’s David More O’Ferrall here from The Tytherington. I have assembled a ‘squad’ of players from Tythy ready to take on as many events as we can this year. As it’s the first time we have tried to do this, I am proposing c.15 events spread out over the year. We have some flexibility on dates so if one that we have selected is full then we will happily consider others. The dates I have selected are;

    | May | | | | | | | 9th @ Bramhall Park 18th @ Bolton 25th @ Ringway

    June 15th @ HG 21st @ Warrington  27th @ Davenport

    July  13 @ Hopwood 20th @ Helsby

    August 1 @ Lymm 14 @ Stockport 21 @ Bramhall  31 @ Astbury

    September 5 @ Cavendish  20 @ vale Royal

    October 12 @ Reddish 16 @ Stockport

    Please can you advise which events, if any!, we can be entered and I will then muster the troops! | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |

    Kind RegardsDavid More O’Ferrall 

    • Thanks for your entries David really appreciate it!

      I am just uploading things – can you check my website in a couple of days

      Also in future please email me entries direct on

      All the best

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