Results from magnificent Mottram Hall

Maxitours from Marvellous Mottram
Thanks very much to Matt Turnock – golf coach of the year 2019 for running my event today:

Maxitours players were treated to a predominantly dry day at well draining Mottram Hall following some very wet days. Relatively benign conditions early doors were welcomed by all, as even from the forward tees Mottram is one of the longest courses in Cheshire, but as the afternoon wore on the wind picked up making scoring very tough.
Well done to new Head Greenkeeper Scott Newton and his team for presenting the course in great condition for the time of year and to the Clubhouse catering staff for pre round coffee and bacon butties and post round sandwiches and fries which many players took advantage of.
Also thanks to my good friend Matt Turnock (PGA Pro at Mottram Hall) who ran today’s event efficiently as ever in my absence whilst I’m away golfing in sunny Portugal.
The front nine holes are generally the ones to make a score on with the back nine doing well to hang on to it. And so it proved for the majority of the teams with the winning team of Jim Caldwell, Peter Griggs, Lee Charnley and John Rooney coming in with a best of the day 85 after taking advantage of their early tee time getting the best of the weather. Scoring after that was close with an 82 from the team of Roger Bannard, Jeremy Neale, Simon Johnston and Darren Riley and then a couple of 80’s and two 79’s.

NP 7th – Andy Hamlett – 1 dozen Srixon AD333’s
NP 11th – Simon Johnston – 1 dozen Srixon AD333’s

2’s – £180 3 x Pro V1’s or 6 Srixon AD33’s per 2
Andrew Oakes, Martin Prescott, Paul Fell, Colin Bryan, Steve Aspinall, Sam Leach, Andy Parrington, Paul Butler x 2, Gareth Gwilliam x 2, Pete Atherton, Martin France, Ian Cash & Dave Ryder

Mottram Hall Golf Club 5th January 2023 Score OOM
Jim Caldwell Peter Griggs Lee Charnley John Rooney 85 Maxitours Chill out top each 12
Richard Bannard Jeremy Neale Simon Johnston Darren Riley 82 FJ Shirt each 10
Peter Moores Neil Griffiths Dean Newsham Dave Ryder 80 cpo Callaway Shirt each 8
Jim Kenyon Dave Tobutt Jim Clarke Graham Clarke 80 Callaway Shirt each 6
Neale Laurent Paul Butler Gareth Gwilliam Dave Abram 79 cpo Maxitours Cap each 4
Lee Tilley Dave Sarsfield Peter Norbury David Rhodes 79 2
John Pratt Jo Pratt Fiona Anderson GHOST 78 cpo
Nathan Mills James Mooney Lee Spratt Ian Cash 78 cpo
Les Russon Ken Clarke Steve Merricks Hugh Bilby 78 cpo
Andy Taylor Andy Parrington Andy Strictlrey Chris Perry 78 cpo
Richard Blackwell John Hilton Andy Hamlett Gary Smith 78
Steve Blakeway George Kerr Phil Dickens Neil Evans 76
Colin Roberts Dave Roberts Lee Braxton Dave Mason 76
Paul Woodbine Dave Goodwin Phil Robinson Richardson Williamson 76
Colin Roberts Dave Roberts Lee Braxton Dave Mason 76
Roger Percival Pete Atherton Martin France Ed Wilkinson 76
Paul Fell Colin Bryan Nigel Ashton 25 Tony Hereford 75
Mick Mahon Dave Westwood Richard Palmer John Farnsworth 75
Dave Blood Jim Cox Ian Smith Rick Margrave 74
Paul Rudkin Ray Worrall Graham Butler Mike Lomax 74
Steve Aspinall Graham Wilkinson John Fitzsimmons Alan Simpson 73
Chris Adams Andrew Oakes Nick Hargreaves Martin Prescott 72
Ed Pysden Fred Bridge Simon Moorehouse Henry Petrie 70
Steve Heywood Janet Heywood John Nuttall Graham Davenport 69
Sam Leach John Mather Chris Walley Jim Hodges 69
Paul Bruckshaw Peter Martin Simon Nicholls James Smith 61

Vale Royal start sheet
11am shotgun start

1a Lee Tilley x4
1b Dave Goodwin x4
2a Roger Percival x4
2b Sam Leach x4
3 Jon Hudson x4
4a Steve Hall x4
4b Tom Roe x4
5 Jim Lindsay x4
6a Paul Higgs x4
6b John Hilditch x4
7 Pete McElkerney x4
8a Simon Hemsley x4
8b Dave Sully x4
9a Dave Blood x4
9b Jim Clarke x4
10 Jim Caldwell x4
11a Colin Roberts
11b Steve Aspinall x4
12a Mick Mahon x4
12b Paul Fell x4
13 Martin Humphries x4
14a Kev Hart x4
14b Gary Neiles x4
15a Neale Laurent x4
15b Paul Salt x4
16 Simon Poucher x4
17b John Hunt x4
18a Dave Monk x4
18b Richard Blackwellx4