Maxitours at Brilliant Bolton Old Links

Huge thanks to Xentum financial planners for Sponsoring Maxitours events and the Order of Merit.
Our mission is to help business owners, families and individuals to get the most out of life with a unique blend of lifestyle financial planning, wellbeing events and travel experiences.

Room at the following terrific Venues this Summer!

Ringway Thurs 25th May
Mottram Hall 8th June
Hazel Grove 15th June
Davenport 27th June
Helsby 20th July


Sorry for the results delay-admin issues.
Thanks to Matt Turnock for running the event here is his report:

A magnificent day for the Maxitours players with a light breeze and sunny spells.
For many this was their first time playing the historic course designed by Alister Mackenzie with his trade mark sloping greens.
One of the trickiest holes of the day was the par 3 17th playing downhill and downwind seeing only a handful of players holding the green. “The only way my ball was staying on the green was if it had grappling hooks” came one comment.
The tricky greens proved to also conspire to a low number of two’s but Gareth Gwilliam decided one way to take this out of the equation was to simply hole out with his second shot on the par 4 1st for an eagle for one of his two 2’s. Well played Gareth !!!!
This hot start along with the rest of Gareth’s team gelling well on the outward 9 produced a stonking 50 points which proved decisive in them taking the spoils eventually recoding an impressive 88 points.
Many players were complimentary of the course condition and said they would definitely come back as they enjoyed it so much so great credit to the green keeping staff for their hard work.
Players were treated to excellent food offerings by the catering staff that were both friendly and efficient in getting it out quickly considering the number of players ordering so well done to them.

Today’s results were:
NP 4th – Steve Starr 1 x Dozen AD333’s
NP 17th – Dave Sarsfield 1 x Dozen AD333’s
2’s – £260 9 ProV1’s or 20 Srixon AD333’s
Gareth Gilliam x 2, Paul Salt, Andy Lever, Martin Williams, Chris Brierley, Darren Whittaker

Bolton Old Links May 18th 2023 Score OOM
Gareth Gwilliam Lyndon Whitter Stuart Collier David Abram 88 Maxitours Chill out top each 12
Gary Smith Steve Austin John Hilton Archie Tahir 84 FJ Shirt each 10
John Harker Jim McEwan Tony Hope Steve Star 83 cpo Callaway Shirt each 8
Lee Tilley Dave Sarsfield Peter Norbury David Rhodes 83 cpo Callaway Shirt each 6
Jim Caldwell Dave Thomas Steve Barlow Peter Griggs 83 Maxitours Cap each 4
Rob Hughes Mike Hill Andy Corner Gary Brookes 82 cpo Maxitours bag towel each 2
Andy Adshead Andy Lever Steve Dow Paul Calnen 82
Mick Mahon John Farnsworth Andy Faulkner Munro Donald 81
Phil Beagon Steve Baldwin Roy English Jeremy Waterhouse 80
Andy Taylor Chris Brader Andy Parrington Chris Perry 79
Mick Jones Darren Wilkinson Ian Cole Rick Booth 79
Steve Heywood Janet Heywood Richard Wakefield John Nuttall 78
Peter Maher Johnny Reeves Dave Keen Joshua John 78
Chris Brierley Matt Cheffins Paul Price Lee Bailey 78
Ian Reece Ian Wright Martin Gleave Andy Brown 78
Paul Salt Pete Smith George Kerr Phil Dickens 77
Dan Swarsbrick Nigel Hallows Wayne Harper Oliver Janiche 76
Martin Prescott Phil Singh Steve Hall Richard Johnson 76
Martin Humphries Adrian Brown Jonathan Crickmore Barry Caldwell 76
Josh Forster Keith Haddock Gary Owen Ben Eckersley 76
Martin Williams Martin Bray Mike Kulik Matt Fradgley 75
Paul Gilbert Phillip Long Dr Chris Davies Martin Oldfield 74
Paul Fell Nigel Ashton Dave Cooper Nabiel Nasr 74
Nathan Mills John Barnes James Mooney GHOST 72
Lester Jackson Chris Yearsley Billy McCafferty Jim Spears 71
Colin Roberts Carl Deaville Nigel Armstrong Rob Hands 71
Liam Rex Steve Fairclough Steve Laurence Nick Horrocks 70
Barry Simpson Mark Morris Martin Cox Russ Sollitt 70
Simon Poucher David Carlile Neil Simpson Brian Rogerson 70


Ringway start sheet next Thursday 25th May

Barbeque available half way around!

9.00 Simon Hemsley x4
9.09 Colin Roberts x4
9.18 Jim Caldwell x4
9.36 Rob Platt x4
9.45 Dave Buckley x
9.54 Phil Robinson x4
10.03 Martin Humphries
10.12 Paul Fell x4
10.21 Barry Jackson x4
10.30 Andy Taylor x4
10.39 Neale Laurent x4
10.48 Steve Aspinall x4
10.57 Mick Mahon x4
11.06 Mark Pretty x4
11.15 Paul Evans x4
11.24 Kev Hart x4
11.33 Dave More O’Farrell x4
11.42 Lewis Marland x4
11.51 Gary Neiles x4
12.00 Paul Salt x4
12.09 Peter Maher x4
12.18 Dave Monk x4
12.27 Roger Percival x4
12.36 Paul Traynor x4
12.45 j Waterhouse x4
12.54 Pete Walters x4
1.03 Steve Heywood x4
1.12 Paul Price x4
1.21 Ian Reece x4
1.30 Martin Williams x4
1.48 Andy Taylor x4 MACC
1.57 Jonny Lord x2 Alan Hough x1 Daniel Kendrew x1
2.06 Darren Booth x4
2.15 Lee Tilley x4
2.24 Nathan Mills x4
2.33 Paul Salt 2 team x4
2.42 Simon Ashton x4

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