Results from excellent Ringway

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*Room for 1 team in the Welsh Classic has come free- 5th & 6th June
*Spaces at European tour school venue Mottram Hall Thurs 8th June

Maxitours at excellent Ringway

Ringway was superb today. As I put the nearest the pin markers out first thing this morning Matt the highly regarded new head greenkeeper was working hard changing the pins and preparing the course. There were only positive comments throughout the day as players praised the greens, fairways and the half way house barbeque.
Ringway is back to as good as it has ever been.
Thanks also to Manager Tracy and her first-class team for their faultless hospitality and professionalism.

The day started well with Rick Shaw tickling the ivories on the grand piano in the newly refurbished club house. He was very entertaining and has wonderful rhythm, talent and real magic in those fingers. Unfortunately, a different bloke teed off on the first tee as he tugged the ball into the deep Ringway rough.

Tony Leighs team mates thought he had got his sports mixed up when he arrived wearing a white pair of pants, a white top and a white sweater. He assured them that this was his latest trendy golf outfit. The list of banned Maxitours golf items (which includes castle tees, iron headcovers and chipmaster wedges) has just added a new category -men over sixty wearing white pants.

In todays event Jim Caldwell and his team of John Sherington, Peter Griggs and Simon Woolley was third out in the morning sunshine and they set the pace with an excellent 87 points.
Retired Copper Neale Laurent came close with an 85 point haul.

Jeremy Waterhouse and his team also played well today. He loves visiting Ringway as there are pictures of his grandfather dotted around the clubhouse. He played off scratch for 25 years and there is even a picture of him with the great South African Open winner Bobby Locke playing in a Ringway exhibition match. Hole 14 is actually called ‘Waterhouse’ in a tribute to the great man. Unfortunately, Jeremy nearly lost his ball on the family hole but team mate Graham Robinson picked up three points as the team moved into a best of the season 4th position.
It was Mick Mahon(21), Richard Palmer(9), Andy Faulkner(14) and John Farnsworth(20) who recorded 87 points and won the back nine card play off by the narrowest of margins. Mahon receives two shots on the two toughest Ringway holes and he knocked in solid putts to secure 8 points for his team.
Well played chaps very popular winners indeed.

Thanks for your 100% attendance today.


Nearest the pin 13th Chris Perry Dozen AD333
Nearest the pin 16th Barry Wilson Dozen AD333
2’s sweep
£285 5 pro v1 or 12 srixon AD333
Simon Woolley Barry Wilson Steve Tate Paul Yearsley Rob Platt James Taafe G Williams Joe Kirwan Darren Wilkinson Steve Moores x2 Nigel Koenan Martin Lang Simon Ashton Dan Moss Mick Jones

Ringway 25th May
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Mick Mahon, Andy Faulkner, John Farnsworth, Richard Palmer 87 12 Maxitours Chill out top
2 Jim Caldwell, Peter Griggs, John Sheringham, Simon Wooley 87 10 Maxitours FJ Shirt
3 Darren Booth, Marl Timperly, Martin Lang, Mike Wilson 86 8 Callaway Shirt each
4 Jeremy Waterhouse, Geoff Reyner, Graham Robertson, Nigel Koenan 86 6 Callaway Shirt each
5 Pete Smith, Tony Leigh, George Kerr, Paul Salt 85 4 Maxitours bag towel each
6 Neale Laurent, John Harrop, Nicky Platt, Paul Butler 85 2 Maxitours Scorecard holder each
7 Mark Pretty, Mark Robinson, Mark Donahue, Steve Hopwood 85 Maxitours Scorecard holder each
8= Denis Boud, Janet Heywood, Richard Wakefield, Graham Davenport 83
8= Barry Wilson, John Lynsky, Nick Steele, Simon Wilkinson 83
8= Russ Sollitt, Rick Shaw, John Tomlinson, Martin Bray 83
8= Dan Moss, Mick Jones, Simon Ashton, Richard Booth 83
12= Barry Jackson, Steve Tate, Dave Wright, Chris Lane 82
12= Dave Buckley, Dave Carter, DaveShaffer, Pete Stuart 82
12= Steve Moores, Paul Traynor, Richard Margrave, a n other 82
12= Gary Owen, Alistair Holloway, Tony Grinell, Ben Eckersley 82
16 Pete Norbury, Nathan Mills, James Mooney, John Barnes 81
17= Tony Evans, Martin Sands, Alan Read, Cas Vernon 80
17= Kev Hart, Paul Yearsley, Mark Foley, Alan Vaughan 80
17= Paul Price, Dan Boyle, Tony Welburn, Lee Roberts 80
20= Dave Marchant, Dave Mason, Colin Roberts, Bob Sinclair 79
20= Andy Millington, Pete Walters, Steve Lane, Mario Capostagno 79
22= Gary Neiles, Alan Giles, John Longworth, Paul Hurst 78
22= Dave More O Farrell, Nick Coleman, Gary Butler, Dave McGuiness 78
22= Nigel Ashton, Colin Bryan, Mike Lowe, Paul Fell 78
22= Rob Platt, John Broomhead, Steve Barber, Tim Barstow 78
22= Pete Maher, Chalie Beadle, Jonny Reeves, Bob Kelsall 78
27= Andy Taylor, Andy Parrington, Andy Stickley, Chris Perry 77
27= Steve Aspinall , Peter Abbott, Graham Wilkinson, Alan Simpson 77
27= Phil Robinson, Ricard Williamson, Paul Woodbine, Saj Hashmi 77
27= Jonny Lord, Ed Stubbs, Dave Keen, Dave Greenwood 77
31= Simon Hemsley, Joe Kirwan, Ian King, Brian Fisher 76
31= Keith Shale, Dave Hest, Barry Caldwell, Kjames Taafe 76
31= Ian Reece, Martin Gleave, Ian Wright, Andy Brown 76
34= Lewis Marland, Paul Robinson, Steve Schofield, Neil Evans 75
34= Roger Percival, Ed Wilkinson, Pete Atherton, Darren Wilkinson 75
36 Phil McCurry, John Bradbury, Paul Robinson, Jim Meldrum 72

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